#SayWhatNews : TIME Releases Obama Prom Pics – Morgan Freeman Sleeps During Interview – Tiger Offered Fried Chix – NJ Bars Selling Rubbing Alcohol – The Ghetto Tours

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saywhat newsHouse Passes Student Loan Bill – Yesterday The House passed a bill Republican proposal that would permit the interest rates on federal student loans to fluctuate depending on the cost of government borrowing. This would be the end of the system which mandates, by law, that interest rates be fixed. The proposal made it through the Republican heavy house but it is sure to receive some pushback from the Democratic heavy Senate and President Obama. If the law is not changed by July first the interest rates for a new type of loan will double from 3.4 to 6.8%.

‘TIME’ Magazine Reveals Obama’s Prom Photos – Time magazine has scored a little bit of a photographic coup, publishing President Obama’s previously unseen senior prom photos from the late 1970s after obtaining them from Kelli Allman, a schoolmate of the 17-year-old Barack Obama. Also appearing in the photo were Greg Orme, Obama’s best friend at Punahou School in Hawaii, who was Allman’s date, and Megan Hughes, who was Obama’s date. The photos were taken at Allman’s house, where the four sipped champagne before going to the dance. Allman told Time, “It was a really fun, happy time. We were all cracking up, and everyone was smiling.”

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In other Obama News, a protestor interrupted one of Obama’s speeches and start going in on him.

Bird-Flavored Ice Cream Is Real – A cafe in Japan is known for its tea and ice cream but its newest flavors are really causing a stir. The cafe is surrounded by exotic birds and it has decided to capitalize on this by offering bird- flavored ice creams. Flavors include: Java Sparrow, Parakeet and Cockatiel flavors. Fortunately the flavors are just imitations and no birds are harmed in the creation. Cockatiel is described as having “honey-apple, pumpkin and sunflower seeds”.

Sergio Garcia Invites Tiger Wood For Fried Chicken – Sergio Garcia has been in hot water over questionable comments he has made including ones that referred to “colored athletes”. Well on Wednesday he had to be present at a press conference and apologize for even more racially-insensitive comments. When speaking about the European Awards Tour Dinner he said, “We will have him [Tiger Woods] ’round every night. We will serve fried chicken.” Despite the apology, Tiger took to Twitter to express his disappointment. He said, “The comment that was made wasn’t silly. It was wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate. I’m confident that there is real regret that the remark was made. The Players ended nearly two weeks ago and it’s long past time to move on and talk about golf.” 

Crazy Shoots Strip Club With AK47 – 21 year old Henry Pettigrew is being looked for after he opened fire in a Philly strip club after the DJ refused to play the song that he had requested. In addition to shooting up the Purple Orchid Gentleman’s Club he and another man also assaulted a customer who they thought was a younger. Henry Pettigrew is described as a black male standing 5’11″ tall, weighing 180 pounds. He also has a thin beard. Anyone with information is urged to call Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477).

Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During Interview – Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were promoting their new film Now You See Me when Morgan started dozing off mid-interview. A video of the interview has been making the rounds on the internet which shows the 75-year-old actor appearing falling out while Caine is answering a question.

NJ Bar Sold Rubbing Alcohol As Scotch – A New Jersey Bar has been busted for selling rubbing alcohol as Scotch, by mixing caramel coloring with rubbing alcohol. The bar was caught during “operation swill,” an investigation which has led to 29 New Jersey bars being accused of substituting cheap booze or worse for premium alcohol. Of the 29 establishments, 13 are TGI Fridays restaurants. A spokesperson for TGI Fridays said they are conducting their own investigation into the allegations. Officials launched the investigation when the state received complaints about mislabeled drinks.

The Ghetto Tour – ‘Real Bronx Tours’ in New York City promises customers tours of the city including life in the South Bronx, or ‘the ghetto’ as it is described. They usually took European tourists and showed them the neighborhoods “from a safe distance”. The $45 tour should people food pantry lines, projects and “pickpocket hangouts”. The tour has been stopped after outrage from residents and city officials who said, “We strongly urge you to stop profiting off of a tour that misrepresents the Bronx as a haven for poverty and crime, while mocking everything from our landmarks to the less fortunate members of our community who are availing themselves of food assistance programs.”

Boy Scouts Approve Plan To Accept Openly Gay Boys – During a vote on Thursday, 61% supported a proposal that would allow gay boy scouts into the organization. The changes will take place on January 1st. Liberal scout leaders are happy about the changes but would like the new guidelines to be extended to scout leaders but conservative members want to continue to exclude gay scouts and leaders. There is a lot of backlash about the decision- some parents are even going so far as to say that they would take their children out of the program.

N.J. Assembly Approves Bill Protecting Marijuana Patients – New Jersey officials have approved a bill that would stop medical-marijuana patients from being excluded from receiving organ transplants because of their use of the drug. The bill mandates that hospitals and doctors won’t prevent medical-marijuana patients from receiving life-saving transplants. Medicinal weed was legalized in Jersey three years ago and since then more than 900 patients while cancer, MS and other debilitating illnesses have been registered with the state.

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