News: Wale Covers The Washington Post

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wale against the world

Wale’s highly anticipated album, The Gifted, hits stores today! On Sunday, to gear up for the release he went back to his hometown of Washington DC for a concert and interview with Elliot Wilson. That same day he could be seen on the cover of the Washington Post were he talked about his struggles with  fame, anxiety, and the pressures of the music industry. In response to his so-called “Wale Moments” he said:

I wake up every morning to ‘I love you, you’re the greatest’ and ‘I hate you and wish you would retire. I’m looking for a little reality in there.”

Read the full article/ interview here! Wale’s shine in the Post didn’t end there however! Yesterday, an article was published that talks with Jerry Seinfeld about his upcoming collaborative project with Wale. Read that article here.



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