News: Wale Discusses Why Tiara Thomas Left His Label

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Tiara Thomas

The ever so opinionated Wale has spoken on losing out on an opportunity to sign Tiara Thomas to Rico Love’s label under Interscope. He said,

“I was a casualty of the game. The bitter reality just hit me. It’s all good. My thing is I don’t really believe in paperwork too soon cause I like to show and prove what I can do. And I ain’t want to scare nobody. Like yo ‘let’s make the music, let’s vibe.’ You live and learn so that’s why I’ll kick myself before I complain about somebody else. It’s the music business!”

Oh oh. You know what they say. Nothing is set in stone until the contracts are signed. This is a valuable lesson for Wale. Always get that signature. We’ll see if Rico Love can put her on a hit song like Wale did. Meanwhile, Wale has moved on and put Rihanna on his Bad Remix.



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