#SayWhatNews Cops Make Rap Video – US Brand Weed Coming? – Obama’s Bro Is An Opportunist – Woman Sues For Masturbation

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saywhat news4 NJ Cops Face Internal Charges Over Rap Videos – 4 cops from Irvington, NJ are facing internal affairs charges because of rap music videos that they made appearances in while they were off duty. Maurice Gattison, an 18 year veteran and the president of the city’s police union, and three other officers will be charged with unbecoming conduct. The video is called ‘Temper Like An Alcoholic’ and has homophobic and violent lyrics. The officers could be fired for their behavior.

Service To Let Students Report Bullying By Text – A technology company has announced its new way to give schools a free and confidential way for students to alert school officials of bullying. The program is called “TipTxt” and will let students report that they are the subject of bullying or that they have witnessed bullying. The product is through Blackboard which more than half of the nation’s schools are already using and the use can start immediately. They are concerned that the ‘anonymous’ factor may cause problems in false reporting but they do believe the program will do more good than harm.

Ex-Microsoft Manager Wants To Create Official US Brand Marijuana – Former Microsoft Manager, Jamen Shively, wants to become the leader in recreational and medicinal weed by creating a United States Brand of marijuana. He says, “It’s a giant market in search of a brand. We would be happy if we get 40% of it worldwide.” He wants to import the weed from Mexico and understands how his future business plans are in direct conflict with US federal law. He said “If they want to come talk to me, I’ll be delighted to meet with them. I’ll tell them everything that we’re doing and show them all our books.”

Obama’s Half-Brother To Sell Letters From Prez – President Obama’s half brother Malik is selling handwritten letters from the president. He is asking $15,000 a letter. The letters are on White House stationary and are signed ‘B.O.’ It’s not believed that the two are very close but they do share the same father. Malik also has political blood in that he ran to be governor of Kenya’s Siaya County.

Man Becomes 1st In The World To Propose To His Girlfriend Through Google Glass – A man in Minnesota became the first man to propose to his significant other using the new smart headset Google Glass. He used the glasses to record his proposal that took place in Britain! Luckily, the conclusion of the 26 second video was her saying yes!

Woman Sues United Airlines Over Masturbating Passenger – An 18 year old girl who was on a United Airlines flight from NY to LA is suing the airline for their lack of action as a man on the plan masturbated during the flight. She says that she alerted flight attendants who originally got the man to stop but once they left he went further by exposing his penis and starting to masturbate again. She said that the flight crew said there was nothing they could do and she couldn’t move because there were no more free seats in her class. She is suing them for negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Woman Charged With Smuggling Cocaine In Shoes At Philly Airport – Iveliza Perez of Camden was on her way back into the city form Jamaica when she was searched by a customs agent who found three pairs of cork wedges stuffed with cocaine in the heal. More than 2000 grams were discovered at an estimated street value of $140K. She is being charged with possession with in ten to distribute and intentional possession.

America’s Fittest Cities Revealed – The American Fitness Index was released a few days ago and revealed the healthiest cities in the nation. The cities are ranked based on smoking, obesity, health care access, park availability, recreational facilities, walking trails and farmers markets. The cities that came out on top were Minneapolis, Washington DC and Portland. Philadelphia brought up the rear at number 25!

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