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Dr. Oz Is Rapping – Dr. Oz got some help from Doug E. Fresh and Jordin Sparks in order to promote healthy eating. Doug. E Fresh gave him some tips on his flow as he rapped about eating and exercising over Jordin Sparks’ track ‘Everybody’. Michelle Obama made a cameo appearance in the music video as a part of her ‘Lets’s Move’ campaign. The song will appear on “Songs for A Healthier America” that features songs from Travis Barker, Dougie Fresh and Ashanti.



Kevin Hart To Host Philly Festival – The Wawa Welcome America Festival held on the Ben Franklin Parkway on Juky 4th will be hosted by North Philly’s own Kevin Hart. Featured artists include J. cole, Jill Scott, Ne-Yo and The Roots. The show will be broadcast on VH1 and simulcast on 6abc.


Taco Bell Under Investigation For Taco Licking – After pictures emerged on Facebook of a Taco Bell employee licking a stack of tacos, Taco Bell is “conducting a full scale investigation”. They say that they believe the photos are a prank but they conducted an investigation and issued a full statement. The fast food giant said the employee who took the photo “no longer works there,” while the guy in the photo has been suspended and is in the process of being fired. The company explained that the photo was for an internal contest in which employees would show themselves enjoying the first bite of a new product. The photo was rejected from the contest, but an employee posted the photo on social media.

taco bell licking

Health & Human Services Secretary Won’t Intervene In Transplant Case – Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, confirmed that she will not be getting involved in the transplant case of the 10 year old PA girl waiting in CHOP for a lung transplant because of end stage cystic fibrosis. In response to whether an adult lung should be placed in the child, she believes that medical experts should make these kinds of decisions. The girl’s parents have been fighting to change the policy that prohibits kids younger than 12 years old from receiving lungs from adult organ donor.


Chrysler Refusing To Recall Jeeps – Chrysler is refusing to recall about 2.7 million Jeeps the government says are at risk of a fuel tank fire in a rear-end collision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked Chrysler to voluntarily recall Jeep Grand Cherokees from 1993 through 2004 and Jeep Libertys from 2002 through 2007. But Chrysler refused, saying the vehicles are safe. It’s rare for a car company to refuse a recall, and while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can order one, it needs a court order to enforce it.


Company Sells Weird Flavored Lollipops – A company in Austin, Texas named Lollyphile has created breast milk flavored lollipops. According to Lollyphile’s website, several mothers shared their breast milk with the company’s “flavor specialists” to help the company develop the lollipop. The owner of Lollyphile said the reason for creating the odd flavored lollipop was because “…my friends were actually producing milk so delicious it could turn a screaming, furious child into a docile, contented one. I knew I had to capture the flavor.” These are NOT gonna be hot out there in these maturnity streets.


British Man Caught Taking Photos Up A Woman’s Skirt – A 39 year old British man is being accused of trying to take a photo under a woman’s skirt. He was caught on camera placing an object under her skirt. He responded to the allegations by saying, “Maybe I was trying to light a fart. It could have been a joke. Maybe someone says ‘I bet you a fiver if you light her fart.'” He told the court that he was just joking but he never denied placing a camera under the woman’s skirt. He was charged with outraging public decency and is awaiting sentencing.


Philly Police Officers Rob Drug Dealers – Two philly cops, Jonathan Garcia and Sydemy Joanis, have been arrested and charged in trafficking drugs and robbing drug dealers- while they were in uniform. During the incident they stopped and search suspected drug traffickers with the intent of stealing their drugs. They also used a confidential source to buy drugs from known drug dealers and also planted drugs in dealers cars as a part of set ups. The would split the proceeds from the robberies. They have been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery, robbery and carrying a firearm during a violent crime.


Splenda Could Affect Body’s Insulin Response – A study published in the journal ‘Diabetes Care’ at Washington University in St. Lous says that Splenda has effects on the body’s response to glucose that could increase the likelihood of getting diabetes even though it has no callers. A study of 17 people was conducted and showed that Splenda caused the body to increase levels of insulin which could lead cells to become resistant to the hormone which causes type 2 diabetes. Scientists have not confirmed the claims and said that more studies need to be conducted.


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