#SayWhatNews – Feds Are Monitoring Calls – TSA Drops Small Knives Plan – Extreme Weight Loss Method – Highest Paid Athletes – Man With 22 Children Is Mentoring

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saywhat news

The Fed Are Watching, Rather Listening! – According to reports the government has been colleting the telephone records of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint customers since late April. Verizon has been ordered to provide the National Security Agency information on all calls made through its system. Information includes names, call duration, location data and number of calls. The order was granted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which helps to identify terrorists or foreign nationals in the US. Officials have said that the collection is “broad” and that collection does not necessarily mean “reviewed”.

Nashville Father Is A Mentor – He has “Roughly 22 Children” by 14 Women and he can’t pay child support. He has no job and plays the lottery. They reporter asks him to name them and he struggles. He says he wants to get fixed.

Employees Who Smoke Cost Companies $5,800 More Per Year – A new study from Ohio State has said that the average employee who smokes costs companies $5,800 more per year than an employee who doesn’t smoke. The money comes from absenteeism, productivity loss from smoke breaks and extra health care costs. This is much greater than the CDCs estimate which was $3,400 a few years ago.


Baby Is Born In Amniotic Sac – A Greek baby was born still in its amniotic sac! There aren’t a lot of details surrounding the details of the birth, but the pictures are pretty graphic.The baby was delivered by a cesarean and it was still feeding from the placenta even went out of the moms belly.


TSA Drops Plan To Allow Small Knives On Plane – The Transportation Security Administration aka TSA has let go of a plan that would have allowed passengers on aircraft to carry small knives. The TSA said that is would stick with it current carry-on baggage policy. They said that the potential threat of passengers using the knives as weapons is too great of a risk to take.


High School Girl Can’t Go To Prom – A high school senior from Washington state has said that she was denied access to her school’s prom because of her large breasts. The school’s dress code says that strapless dresses can be worn as long as “cleavage, midriff, and lower back are covered.” He girl said that her dress was within the rules and she even went to Canada to buy it! Thankfully she was allowed to enter after getting a shawl but she said that her night was already ruined.

New Extreme Weight Loss Method – A new extreme weight loss method has dieters doing some crazy stuff! The ‘miracle’ patch is sewn onto the tongue with 6 stitches and makes it painful to swallow solid food forcing users to stick to a liquid diet. The procedure was developed by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Side effects include tongue swelling and difficulty speaking. The patch can only be worn for one month and costs $2000.

Experts Say We May Be Able To Talk To Pets Within Ten Years – An animal behavior specialist has said that technology is being developed that will allow us to communicate with animals. The communication will be facilitated through cellphone sized gadgets that will allow us to understand the animals and a few years down the line we will be able to talk back.


Man Attempts Suicide In The Audience Of The ‘Today’ Show – A 72 year old man in the audience of the Today show went on a rant which is believed to have been about the IRS and then attempted suicide. He was in full view of Matt Lauer and the Today Show team when he began to cut his wrists and screamed “the IRS is watching me.” He was quickly pepper sprayed and subdued by the NYPD. People that were there said that there was tons of blood and tons of cops and women and children screaming. The audience was evacuated and the man is being treated for his injuries.

Highest Paid Athletes (According To Forbes)

  1. Tiger Woods (Golf) – $78.1 million
  2. Roger Federer (Tennis) – $71.5 million
  3. Kobe Bryant (NBA) – $61.9 million
  4. LeBron James (NBA) – $59.8 million
  5. Drew Brees (NFL) – $51 million
  6. Aaron Rodgers (NFL) – $49 million
  7. Phil Mickelson (Golf) – $48.7 million
  8. David Beckham (Soccer) – $47.2 million
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer) – $44 million
  10. Lionel Messi (Soccer) – $41.3 million

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