#SayWhatNews John Legend Says Legalize Weed – Ludacris’ Claps Back At Color Comments – Paula Deen Defends Slavery – Teen Killed Over Chix

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John Legend Thinks Weed Should Be Legal – During a recent appearance on HuffPost Live UPenn grad, John Legend, made his opinions on weed legalization well known! He said, ““I think we need to legalize marijuana. There’s no good reason to continue prohibition, and we need to consider ending prohibition in general. I don’t know if prohibition has ever been an effective way of getting people not to use banned substances. They find a way to use them, criminals find a way to sell them, and a lot of people get killed. A lot of communities get destroyed because of the black market that comes up, because people want something and they find a way to get it.”


Concerns Raised Over Made In America – The Made in America fest is a lot of fun, but a lot of times people forgot how much garbage and damage can be done to the area after a festival. A Councilman, who lives in the Fairmount section of the city, says the near by Ball Field got ripped up during last year’s Made in America festival and that they had to use city money, 300,000 to fix it. He said he doesn’t want the field used this year, Mayor Nutter’s spokesperson said that’s not an option. The field is going to be used this year but they are not going to let huge tents and heavy vehicles on the ball field.


Ludacris’s Girlfriend Takes Toys To Africa And Responds To Comments Over Color – Ludacris’ girlfriend Eudoxie, got a lot of backlash when she posted a picture on her Instagram of a suitcase she was taking on a trip to Africa filled with white dolls that she was planning on handing out to the children when she got there. Many of the critics believe that this could damage the African girls’ self esteem and that it’s important for them to have dolls that look like them. Eudoxie didn’t take the criticism sitting down however! She said, “Anyone trying to tell me what color gifts I should be giving, don’t worry I’ll give you the chance to do the giving…you will get the chance to show me your giving hearts by sending the gifts to my office in ATL. And make sure all the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the house you live in are BLACK. If you are black everything you wear, drive, drink should be in the color BLACK.”


Paula Deen Defends Slavery– Paula Deen didn’t have such a good weekend after it was revealed that she was using racist terms towards her workers and even went so far as to admit that she wanted her black serves to look like slaves. Well, if getting fired from the Food Network and bailing out on an appearance on the Today Show wasn’t enough, a video from the Fall of 2012 has surfaced where Paula Deen defended the Southern race history which accepted slavery. She said that back then “black folk were such an integral part of our lives, they were like our family. We didn’t see ourselves as being prejudiced.” She went on to say “I think black people feel the same prejudice that white people feel.” The cherry on the racist sundae occurred when Paula was talking about one of her black workers and described his as “black as a chalkboard” and joked “We can’t see you standing in front of that dark board!”


Watch the Video Here ——>



DC Teen Killed Over Piece Of Chicken – A 17 year old boy was stabbed to death last week at a cookout over a piece of chicken. The boy got into a fight with a 25 year old over the piece of meat before he was stabbed in the neck. Friends and family members tried to stop the bleeding and called an ambulance but it was too late. The 25 year old has been arrested and charged with second degree murder.


Powerball Sold Locally – Powerball ticktet sold on South Philly worth 13.5 Million.  It was sold at the Federal Beer in Point Breeze.


Twinkies to return to shelves July 15 – After going bankrupt and dealing with unhappy union workers last year Hostess had to yank a variety of snack cakes, including Twinkies off the shelves. Well if you were disappointed by this, not to fear, Hostess has announced that the Twinkies along with Cupcakes and Donettes will be back in stores on July 15th. Fans of the cream-filled snacks are excited about the comeback especially since “A lot of imposter products have come to the market while Hostess was off the shelves.”


Legend Receiving Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame– Tupac Shakur has been nominated to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. The honor comes by way of the 75 million albums sold and the history of social activism and change still known even 17 years after his death. The announcement was made by the Hollywood Walk of Fame Committee Chairman David Green.  Katy Perry is also said to be getting a star as well.


Teen hit by celebratory gunfire after Miami Heat championship– A teenager who was watching the NBA Finals in South Florida was hit by what investigators believe was celebratory gun fire. The 15 year old was in his mother’s house when the bullet came through the sliding door and grazed his skull, under his ear. He said that he originally thought that a rock hit him. Doctors say that he will make a full recovery.


Temple University Tuition Going Up By 2.8%– As if tuition wasn’t high enough already, the Board of Trustee’s at Temple University has approved a budget plan that will increase tuition by 2.8%. In state tuition will increase by about $400 and out of state tuition will increase about $600 for next school year.


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