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Lil Snupe Killed– Lil Snupe, an 18 year old rapper out of Louisiana, was found shot to death early yesterday morning. He was signed to Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers label last year and had just turned 18 last week.  Sources say he was allegedly shot twice in the chest at an apartment building in north  Louisiana and announced dead at the scene. Investigators have a person of interest but no motive. Meek tweeted, “I tried everything in my power to get that kid out of the streets.” According to text messages between the two Lil Snupe was preparing some music for Self Made Vol. 3.


George Zimmerman Jury Selected– Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida back in 2012 claiming it was self defense. According to CNN, A jury of six women was chosen. Five of the six women are white. There were no black jurors chosen. In addition, four alternates – two women, two men, all white – will also hear testimony.


James Gandolfini died of cardiac arrest– Soprano’s star James Gandolfini died Wednesday while on vacation in Italy to what initial reports were calling a heart attack. Hospital officials in Rome have confirmed that the 51 year old died of cardiac arrest after attempts to resuscitate him failed. He suffered a heart attach in the bathroom of his hotel room where he was found collapsed by his 13 year old son.


Instagram Adds Video– Social Media sites went crazy yesterday with the RIP Vine posts after Instagram introduced its new video feature. Now Instagram users will be able to post videos very similar to the Vine format but will have up to 15 seconds worth of content to share. The videos will be just like instagram pictures in that you can add the famous filters to them. Instagram founder said, “We talk about Instagram as capturing and sharing the world’s moments. It’s not just about photography.”

vine jokes

Bear caught in Ewing, another captured in Warrington-Yesterday afternoon authorities were called out after a bear was spotted in Ewing Township. The bear was tracked as he climbed a tree and eventually shot with a tranquilizer. The bear got stuck in some branches and didn’t fall out of the tree so police had to use a firefighter ladder to get to him. The other black bear I talked about yesterday was removed from a tree in Bucks County. He was hanging out at a playground and the bear was described as a cub between 150 and 175 pounds. The bears are to be inspected and then released in the Poconos.


‘Worst Celebrity Role Models’ List– Between Kanye West calling himself Yeezus and Miley Cyrus p-poppin on the handstand every chance she gets there are fewer and fewer celebrities that serve as role models.

According to a new survey by parents Chris Brown (71%) and Miley Cyrus (68%) are the worst celebrity role models.  The list is split up into male and females. Check the full list HERE.


‘Marijuana Moms’ Say Smoking Weed Makes Them Better Parents -You’ve heard of soccer moms and stay at home moms but what about marijuana moms? This group of pot-smoking parents in Beverly Hills says that the smoke weed to relax and relieve chronic pain. They also get together for dinner where they make weed-inspired dishes like weed leaf salad, chicken fried in weed oil and weed milk shakes. They say that smoking weed makes them better parents and wives. They say it puts them “in the moment” and helps them to  “stop worrying about everyday problems”.


Diddy Makes Deal With Time Warner Cable For RevoltTV– Diddy is back to making power moves with the creation of his new television station: RevoltTV. It will go live via Time Warner Cable in the fall as a “real time music and social network” catering to the urban market. About the station Diddy said, “There was no longer a platform for musical artists to trust with their art and with their creativity, and also no place that was covering music [as ESPN covered sports and CNN covered news]… For music, you just had to go into the abyss or the stratosphere with no plan, no destination.” Read more HERE.


Mayor Nutter’s Home Lien– Philly’s Mayor Nutter has been in the news for having a delinquent gas bill of 507.76 . They threatened to cut his service off and even put a lien on his home. After the news broke he paid his bill.


The 13 worst commutes around Philadelphia– A new report has broken down the worst commutes in Philadelphia based on the number of hours “lost” in traffic and money wasted on extra gas:
1. I-676 from I-95 to I-76. Wasted: 125 hours, $2,301.

2. PA 611 from the Pennsylvania Turnpike to I-95. Wasted: 125 hours, $2,301.

3. US 422 from US 202 to North of Egypt Road. Wasted: 67 hours, $1,227.

4. I-76 from I-676 to Belmont Ave. Wasted: Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

5. I-95 from Betsy Ross Bridge—Aramingo Ave. to I-676-Spring Garden St. Wasted: Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

6. US 202 from Swedesford Road to PA 401. Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

7. US 1 from the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276) to I-76. Wasted: 58 hours, $1,074.

8. I-76 from Hollow Road to Matsonford Road (West side of I-476 interchange). Wasted: 50 hours, $921.

9. I-76 from Matsonford Road to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Wasted: 50 hours, $921 annually.

10.I-95 from Stewart Ave., to the Delaware state line and portions of I-476 leading to the interchange with I-95. Wasted: 50 hours, $921.

11.I-476 from US 30 to Baltimore Pike. Wasted: 42 hours, $767.

12. US 202 from US 322 to PA 491. Wasted: 42 hours, $767.

13. US 322 from US 1 to I-95. Wasted: 38 hours, $690.

According to the report, 76 million gallons of gas are wasted and 156 million hours are spent in traffic per year.

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