#SayWhatNews- Michelle Obama Joins Instagram- Senate Passes Immigration Reform Bill- Aaron Hernandez Story Gets Worse

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Trio beats man in bus – Around midnight on Tuesday, three men followed another man onto a SEPTA bus where they beat the man- punching, kicking and stomping him as helpless passengers looked on. They followed the 25-year-old victim onto the bus where they had some sort of conversation before the altercation began. The man suffered eye, face and arm injuries before the suspects took off on foot. The guy attacked said be was beat up for nothing. All of the suspects appear to be in their early 20s based on the surveillance video. If you have any information contact the Philadelphia Police Department.

Senate Passes Immigration Reform Bill– The Senate passed historic immigration reform legislation Thursday that contains a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the country while also mandating a military-style effort to secure the border with Mexico. Don’t know if the Republican-controlled House are gonna pass this because conservatives generally are against citizenship for illegals.

Michelle Obama Joins Instagram– The first lady has officially joined ‘the gram’. Yesterday she launched her official instagram page and signed the first picture “-mo” which means it specifically came from her. The FLOTUS isn’t just snapping pictures, she’s also got video on her page! So far she’s got 189K followers and follows just The White House’s official page. To find her search “michelleobama”.

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Sixers Take Syracuse Point Guard Michael Carter-Williams– Syracuse point guard Michael Carter Williams was selected as the 11th pick in the NBA draft by the 76ers after they traded All-star guard Jrue Holiday to New Orleans. Carter-Williams is 6’6, 185 pounds and played for two seasons at Syracuse. While there he led in assists and steals. CUSE!!!!

Aaron Hernandez Denied!– The former NFL player who has been charged with murder and has been the butt of countless twitter/ instagram jokes has been denied bail in a Massachusetts Superior Court. The judge said she was not comfortable releasing Aaron Hernandez to house arrest after she heard that two days before the murder he had text friends and asked them to hurry and come to Massachusetts from Connecticut. Hernandez’s lawyer argues that he’s not a flight risk- living with his fiancée and their 8 month old daughter- and that even if he wanted to leave, his status as a celebrity would make it impossible. Despite his lawyer’s plea Hernandez will stay in custody. There is video camera surveillance that shows him and his 2 boys getting in the car picking up the victim driving to the park where the body was found and then Aaron driving back to his home.  There are also home surveillance cameras of Aaron holding a gun.  They believe the gun used to kill the man was a glocc. A gun was found in Aaron’s other condo and his boy was arrested for admitting to illegally having a gun and being at the scene. Now in other craziness they are says Aaron Hernandez was involved in another double murder last year! Investigators believe the guy that Aaron killed may have had information linking Hernandez to last year’s double slaying. WHAT?? Sources say the murder from last year was a drive by shooting. This is a mess!

Cops Shoot Man Holding Underwear, Not Gun, In Pennsylvania– A Pennsylvania police officer is said to have been justified for shooting a man who he believed was armed in a dark alleyway. The interesting part of this case is that the “suspect” was holding a pair of black underwear, not a gun. The officer was on patrol at around 4:30 when he was confronted by the naked man who was holding a “dark object” that the officer thought was a gun. The man was shot in the shoulder and his current medical status is undisclosed. The identities of both men have remained confidential.

Tougher Fines For NJ Drivers– Drivers in New Jersey who are caught using a cell phone behind the wheel will be facing higher fines. A bill that was approved today increased the MINIMUM fine for a first-time offender to $200 and the maximum to $400 for talking and driving. A second time offender could be charged as much as $600. Third time offenders could get their license suspended for 90 days and an $800 fine. Bottom line, it can wait!

Septa Fares Going Up On Monday

Subways, Buses and Trolley’s from $2.00 to $2.25

Tokens from $1.55 to $1.80

Weekly Transpasses from $22 to $24

Monthly Passes from $83 to $91


Mom Gives Birth On Lawn- Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant– A 21 year old woman from New Jersey gave birth to a little boy right in the middle of her front lawn on Tuesday morning and didn’t even know she was pregnant. The woman said that she thought she had a stomach ailment when she walked outside, she said that his head was out when she made it to the grass. The 3 month premature baby was unconscious and still attached to the umbilical cord when EMTs arrived and medics had to use CPR to revive him. The father of the child said that mother and baby are in the hospital doing okay. The woman, who has a 9 month old son at home, claims that she failed 2 pregnancy tests.

Sisters Get DUIs In Same Car At Same Time– Sisters, Steffany and Vanessa Miranda, got arrested for DUI- driving the same car, at the same time! Last Saturday night Steffany was driving the two, somewhat erratically. Instead of pulling over and sobering up she decided to stop in the middle of the street, switch seats and let her drunk sister take the wheel. A cop dash-cam caught the whole escapade on tape so both sisters were arrested for being behind the wheel with the key in the ignition while intoxicated.

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