#SayWhatNews – Obama Approves Plan B – Lawsuits Filed In NSA Privacy Case – Sesame Street Teaches Kids About Jail – Jersey Boardwalk Bans Baggy Pants

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Obama Administration Approves Plan B For All Ages – The Justice Department has announced that the ‘morning after pill’ will now be available to women of all ages over the counter. The FDA issued a statement asking that the Plan B pill be made available without age restrictions and the request will be approved. This decision comes after an April decision that lowered the age restriction from 17 to 15. Women’s health groups and some medical experts are happy about the decision to make diverse forms of birth control more accessible.


Philadelphia Couple Files Lawsuit In NSA Privacy Case – A couple from Philadelphia has filed a lawsuit against the federal government in relation to the Verizon phone records collection be the National Security Agency. They are infuriated by the collection of customer records and say that “someone has to be held accountable.” Their lawsuit claims that the surveillance violates their “reasonable expectation of privacy, free speech and association [and] right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures.” The plaintiff believes he was specifically targeted because of his known criticism of the government after he son was shot and killed in Afghanistan. Also, yesterday the American Civil Liberties Union sued the federal government over the surveillance, asking a court to demand that the administration end the programs and purge the records it has already collected.


Snowden’s Pole Dancing Girlfriend – Edward Snowden, the man who leaked the documents that unveiled the governments top-secret surveillance program, was even a mystery to his girlfriend. 28 year old Lindsay Mills described herself as a “world-traveling, pole-dancing superhero” on her blog. She moved to Hawaii with Snowden and described her swing and pole dancing escapades in her blog- which has since been removed from the internet. Mills was unaware of her boyfriend’s decision to leak government secrets.


Suburban Doc Guilty In Running Massive Pill Mill – A 73 year old doctor from Montgomery County has been accused of running a very extensive pill mil. Dr. Norman Werther ran a physical therapy and rehab center and provided narcotics to a number of drug networks- making upwards of $1 million a year. He was found guilty on more than 300 charges including illegal distribution, conspiracy to distribute and money laundering. He is facing a mandatory 20 year prison sentence. He’s out on bail until his June 14th court date.


Jersey Shore Town Bans Saggy Pants, No Ifs Ands Or Butts – Mayor Ernest Troiano Jr. and the city of Wildwood, NJ are getting ready to pass a law tomorrow that will ban going shirtless, shoe-less and wearing overly saggy pants. Toiano said that the city was flooded with complaints from tourists who were tired of looking at boardwalk visitor’s backsides. The current provisions include a ban on wearing pants that sag more than three inches below the hips. In response to those who say they have “a right to wear” what they want, he said “I have the right to decency. My right is not to have to look at your (rear end) if I don’t want to. I find that offensive. Go somewhere else and do it, and for every one person I lose, I’ll gain 10 more who will be glad.”

Contractor ‘Didn’t See’ Machine Demolishing Building– The attorney for Griffin Campbell, the contractor in charge of the site where a building collapsed last week killing six people, said that the contractor ‘didn’t see’ the excavator doing the demolition. The attorney said “He was scared to death just like everybody else.” Campbell was apparently under the impression that the excavator was only to be removing debris, not doing actual demolition. The wall that fell was supposed to be taken down brick by brick, not demolished all at once. The operator of the excavator was not given explicit orders to do so and has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, risking a catastrophe and other related offenses.


Princeton University Reopens After Bomb Threat – Yesterday Princeton University received a phoned-in bomb threat and decided to evacuate the premises. 7000 students, faculty and university employees were removed from the campus and other off-campus buildings while an extensive search was conducted. The evacuation was in place for about 8 hours while buildings were swept and bomb sniffing dogs searched. That was one of the threats that were made around the country yesterday, no word yet on whether the calls were related. Everyone was eventually able to return to campus.


Woman’s Shrinking Waist May Break Record – A 24 year old German woman has been wearing corsets for the past three years to shrink her 25 inch waist to its current 21 inch frame. She only takes the corsets off to shower and has said that she hopes to get her waist down to just 16 inches so that she can break the current world record.

Sesame Street Teaches Kids About Incarceration? The producers of Sesame Street have assembled an educational package about families facing or living with an incarcerated parent. Nearly seven million U.S. families are affected by incarcerated parents. The kit, titled “Little Children Big Challenges: Incarceration,” features a muppet name Alex whose dad is in jail. The video provides tips on how to help a child with the adjustment.

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