Music Vid: Kanye West – Black Skinhead

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kanye west

Well know we know what Kanye’s been doing between recording music, working on his fashion stuff and spending time with his baby moms Kim….. He’s been working out!!!! A very beefy Kanye West appears in this video for “Black Skinhead,” which is the first official single off Kanye’s Yeezus album (which is ironic since Kanye said he didn’t care for radio spins or sales). Like the album, the video is very different, but it definitely captures the anger, randomness and darkness of the song. Kanye continues to use the theme of the three headed dog, named Cerberus, which are the dogs in Greek and Roman mythology said to be guarding the underworld, the gates of hell. The animation is pretty cool and gives a video game feel at some points and he even morphs into an animal and wears his infamous face masks. This will further fuel rumors of the “Illuminati” ties, but i personally think Kanye is just taking a stroll through dark art museums and having some angry fun. lol. This video appeared on his site and then was pulled off.  Kanye later tweeted that this is the unfinished version and asked people to take it down. He then tweeted “And to who ever leaked the video… FUK YOU!”  Of course the Internets ripped it. Enjoy it until the official version drops.



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