News: Chris Brown & Drake Win $16 Million Nightclub Brawl Lawsuit

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Chris Brown and Drake were facing a $16 million lawsuit after the bottle throwing, glass smashing brawl that took place in a Manhattan night club last summer. The incident left several injured including NBA star Tony Parker. The Supreme Court judge said that the stars were not accountable for the damages made to the establishment during the fight- that was allegedly over Rihanna. The judge said, “Unfortunately, brawls in bars and night clubs are commonplace. In fact, they have occurred in the past in Greenhouse [the bar in question].” The nightclub’s legal team was obviously not pleased with the verdict saying, “This is not your typical bar fight. They brought their armies to fight the war. They didn’t do it extemporaneously. It was planned.” Either way, Drizzy and Breezy will keep the $16 million in their pockets.



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