News: Hundreds Rally Over Zimmerman Verdict / Jay and Beyonce Rally In NY

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The 101 city rally organized by Al Sharpton for Trayvon Martin across the country on Saturday brought more than 700 people out in Philadelphia for the protest in support of “Justice For Taryvon.” People gathered around the federal courthouse on 6th and Market Streets with signs and chants to protest the George Zimmerman verdict. The crowd got so big that the westbound lanes were blocked and police decided to shut down traffic.

New York was also the cite of one of the demonstrations and the Carters showed up to show their support. Jay Z and Beyonce accompanied the Martin’s to the protest. Sabrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, told the crowd that she was going to work to make sure that black children were no longer profiled and seen as suspicious simply because of their skin color, “Today, it was my son. Tomorrow, it might be yours.”

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