News: TLC Album In The Works- Lil Mama Tapped For Guest Performance At Hersey Park

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tlc with lil mama

Just days after revealing the trailer for the upcoming TLC biopic even more news about the group is being announced. During a press conference, Chilli, T-boz and their manager announced that TLC is in the process of putting together a new project complete with all new tracks including “Meant to Be” written by Ne-yo and “Posh Life” written by Lady Gaga. This new project comes 11 long years after the release of their last studio album “3D”. The group announced that the album will be a greatest hits album with additional new songs and collaborations that are in the works. Ne-Yo has already been in the studio with T & C and they hope to get J. Cole in for a collab; Cole featured TLC vocals on his Born Sinner track Crooked Smile. When Min spoke to Chili about their album Chili denied working with Drake on this album. Another big announcement for the group includes the fact that they tapped Lil Mama to appear with them at the Mixtape Festival at Hersey Park In Pa after being so impressed with her performance in the biopic as late member Left Eye. The group is toying with the idea of bringing her in for more appearances. Chilli spoke highly of Lil Mama saying:

We love that she still has her own thing. It’s still kind of of out there, but I love it. We love it. I love her personality. She’s just so creative and sweet.

Although she may be making appearances with the group Chilli and T-boz made it clear that:

No one will ever be a member in this group. Ever.

Lil Mama also spoke about her place among the groups members:

Every time I think of Lisa I think of an old woman, a grandmother who passes on and leaves a jewelry box of things she collected. The family probably fights about it, probably says don’t touch it,” she said. “I feel like that with Lisa’s career. She left behind a legacy in her music and her style that people feel like, ‘don’t touch that.’ And it’s an honor to be chosen by her sisters, to say ‘hey you got it, don’t worry about what nobody else says. Make us proud.

The album is due out sometime in October. Check the the performances of them at Hersey Park PA below.



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