#SayWhatNews- Bomber Pleads Not Guilty – Bieber Says “F” Bill Clinton – Zimmerman Wont Testify – Lebron Rapping – Aaron Hernandez Boy Snitches

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Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Pleads Not Guilty- Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man accused of orchestrating the Boston Marathon bombings, appeared in a hearing yesterday and pled not guilty to the 30 charges against him. It was his first federal court appearance and was said to be ‘all smiles’ as he said “not guilty” as the charges were read. Witnesses say his face was swollen, his left hand was bandaged and he blew kisses to his two weeping sisters who were in the courtroom audience. Tsarnaev and his brother are accused of working together to plan the Boston bombings that killed three and injured more than 250 others. Supporters of the Tsarnaev brothers including their mother believe that the two are innocent and have somehow been framed.


Why the Ocean is So Chilly This Summers- It’s mid-July and if you’ve been to the Jersey Shore already this summer you may have been surprised by the 50 degree water (which has barely reached a high of 62 in the past couple of weeks). According to meteorologists the cooler water temperature has to do with the wind. Apparently the SW winds are taking the warmer water that is usually at the surface and pushing it further out to sea, bringing the colder water from down below to the surface. The wind directions are supposed to change by Friday but don’t expect a drastic change in water temperature by that time.


Zimmerman Tells Court He Won’t Testify / Defense Rests Case- Yesterday Judge Debra Nelson asked George Zimmerman if he was going to take the stand in his own defense and his lawyer replied that “after consulting with the counsel” he had decided not to testify. With that decision, the defense rested its case. The actual charges being brought up against Zimmerman are still being debated however: murder, manslaughter and/or aggravated assault. Today the prosecution will make closing arguments followed by three hours of closing case made by Zimmerman’s defense attorney on Friday. After all of that, the 6 women jurors will receive the case to make a decision.


Suspect Reveals Aaron Hernandez Admitted To Murder- One of Aaron Hernandez’s friends, Carlos Ortiz, has come forward to Massachusetts Police and said that a mutual associate of theirs, Ernest Wallace, told him that Hernandez admitted to killing Odin Lloyd. Now you remember they have video surveillance of Hernandez and his 2 boys in the car and driving to the club with the guy that was killed and then surveillance of them at the park which is where they found they guys body. Now this guy Carlos Ortiz said he was in the car with Hernandez and Wallace after the alleged murder happened, the day Lloyd was killed. Wallace has been picked up on charges of being an accessory to murder after the fact but maintains his innocence.

Justin Bieber Pees Into Restaurant Mop Bucket, Curses Off Bill Clinton- From his erratic driving to his drug-laced tour bus, Justin Beiber has not been the teeny-bopper parents want their pre-teens looking up to. Well, a new video confirms Justin’s new bad-boy persona. Beiber was video taped peeing into a mop bucket in the back of a NYC restaurant. Then for some unknown reason Beiber picked up a bottle of cleaning solution and sprayed a picture of Bill Clinton while yelling “F*** Bill Clinton”. Justin has tried to justify his recent behavior by saying, “In life u will make mistakes and people will try and tear u down…but u gotta stay positive. Stay strong..and learn to be better…and…always live to serve others and The Lord. #growingeveryday.” He has also apologized to Bill Clinton and it seems he had a conversation with him. The bigger question is why the person who recorded it was part of his entourage. Keep your circle tight young Biebs!


Government Tapping Into Underseas Cables For Surveillance- According to a new report in the Washington Post the NSA, in addition to getting information from tech companies about internet traffic, has also been tapping into undersea cables that cross the globe in order to collect voice and internet information. The post released a slide that allegedly showed a message to NSA personnel that said, “you should use both”- referring to both methods of intelligence collection. The cables are believed to cross the East and West coast of the United States and connect to the rest of the world.


Lebron James Is Rapping- Being just an athlete is clearly no longer enough these days. LBJ is following in the steps of Shaq, Ron Artest, Allen Inverson and Kobe and took to the gram to show off his rapping skills spitting bars of Jay Z and Kanye’s ‘N**** in Paris’ and refers to himself as what we can assume is his rap name ‘the kid King James’.  The audio is horrible, but hey it was posted on Instagram.



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