LMAO: Signs You Might Be A Hoodrat

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This is hilarious!!! Shout out to blackpeopleworryaboutthedumbestshit.com for this list of signs you might be a hoodrat.  I mean, It makes sense! The urban dictionary describes a hoodrat as,


A girl who sleeps with various men in the neighborhood. Usually noticeable via her slacking standards of personal care.
A ghetto ass girl who hangs out with all the ghetto guys and thinks it’s cute to be a slutt
A straight slut from the hood.. the kind or girl that has probably slept with you and four of your best homies… Usually lazy as hell ..they are known to party a lot.. easy to take advantage of.

But there is more to this! Your sexual activities are not the only things that might or might not make you a hoodrat. There are other characteristic. You might not know. So the good folks over there are giving you a list so you are aware! Classic.


You frame those club pics with the airbrushed backgrounds

You consider Red Lobster biscuits a delicacy (Confession: You gotta admit those are some AMAZING biscuits. LMAO)

Your grandmother knows who Keyshia Cole is

Your man bought you a Katt Williams DVD and a bottle of Hennessy for Valentine’s Day (I can’t)

You beat a chick’s ass on graduation day. Your mother was your accomplice.

You feed Hawaiian Punch and ribs to your 3 month old baby (SMH)

Your “modeling shoots” take place in some dude’s basement (or on instagram)


For more go to blackpeopleworryaboutthedumbestshit.com. I also want to add that if you have neon colored hair and your nails are so long you can’t a damn thing.  And there you have it folks. Are you guilty of any of these?



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