News: Big Sean Addresses Danny Brown Doubting His Street Credibility

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Big Sean further explains what to expect on his sophomore album “Hall Of Fame” to my homie DJ S.Whit.  Last year at Powerhouse he told me he was going to expanded on storytelling on his album and in this interview he explains a situation that influenced a song on his album. He also addresses Danny Brown who is also from Detroit and spoke on Big Sean’s position in Detroit during an interview with The Fader.  In that interview Danny said,

“You listen to how I talk about Detroit, and you listen to how a rapper like Big Sean talk about Detroit, and it’s like we’re talking about two different cities. Which is probably true, because Detroit is that type of city—he went to the best high school in the city, you know, he probably was real spoiled or sheltered, so it’s like two different worlds. He can look at it and talk about guap, and we don’t have any. He ain’t been to the hood in years, and I wouldn’t either if I was him, to be honest. It’s not a bad thing. I’m in the hood every day now, so I see the faces, I see the desperation. I have a studio now that’s five minutes from where I was born.”

Danny also added that people in Detroit say he’s from LA. Big Sean address Danny Brown saying,

“Fuck whoever talking about Big Sean and don’t know nothing about Detroit or the streets of Detroit. I be in there. Matter of fact, not only do I be there and be in the hood, I be helping the hood and giving back to the hood. I’m the only one out of ya’ll rappers or even new rappers who was paying for Thanksgiving dinners last year, buying Christmas gifts. So if you ever talking shit about me like I ain’t be up in the hood, nigga you crazy.”

Listen to the interview below.

Here is my interview with Sean where he talks the album.



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