News: Drake Says He Won His Beef With Common

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Last year tensions were high when Common seemingly dissed Drake on ‘Sweet’. Drake then came back at him on ‘Stay Schemin’ and Common getting the last word on his response on his own version of ‘Stay Schemin’. The two seemed to make peace at an NBA game last year but we haven’t heard much about the beef since. During his recent interview with XXL Drake said that he thinks he came out on top in the word war. When asked if Common took it too far about Drake being bi-racial he said

For you to delve into my mom and my dad’s a b**** and all that, you’re just reaching for impact moments but the bars aren’t really good so it didn’t hit me. I never sat back and analyzed that either. I only heard it once, and thought, “I think I came away with the W on that one.



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