News: Women Boycott Juicy J’s Twerking Scholarship

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juicy j

Not everyone is thrilled about Juicy J offering the top twerker a $50K scholarship. The Hip Hop Liberation Army will be boycotting his album Stay Trippy. One boycotter said,

There’s no honor in getting a scholarship for shaking your behind… Why would you want to get a scholarship for that when there’s a lot of intelligent women out here who use their brain. Why don’t you give them some money? I know Juicy J probably sittin’ back laughing at all the women that’s gonna come and shake they A$$ for this money. It’s all a game.

They think that Juicy J is just looking to exploit the women who enter the contest. Another boycotter said,

I think that this contest is only symptomatic, and that any discussion about this that ignores the larger picture of the systematic sexploitation, objectification of Black women is basically an incomplete discussion. Is this going to be a trend? Are we going to have more rappers throwing in and saying ‘hey, we’re doing some positive things for the school.’ How many sisters will even want to continue to go to school once they get a taste of that.

Shaking your butt for some money sounds very stripperish.  Would you twerk it for this money?



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