#SayWhatNews – Anti-Stand Your Ground Trayvon PSA – 132 Pround Scrotum Removed – PS4 Release Date – Go Topless Day

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New Anti-Stand Your Ground PSA Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting – The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence want Americans to “stand up” to the “stand your ground” laws. They produced a powerful 90 second public service announcement that uses 911 tapes released during the George Zimmerman trial to re-enact the killing of Trayvon Martin. The PSA uses actors to portray Zimmerman and Trayvon, who is seen in the distance wearing a hoodie.  You can hear the 911 operator telling Zimmerman not to pursue Trayvon. The scene cuts to inside the home of a neighbor who called police saying someone is yelling for help, and then a gunshot is heard. It ends with the arrest of Zimmerman near the body of Martin lying in the grass. The video ends with several other “victims” on the ground, wearing hoodies and each has a state next to them to represent all the states that have stand your ground laws.  Then the words “Our laws should protect victims, Not create more” are seen.

‘The Man With The 132-Lb. Scrotum,’ Blames Healthcare System – A man with a disease called scrotal lymphedema has a 132 pound scrotum.  The disease caused his scrotum to gain 3 pounds per month.  Good news is the guy got that handled and got the surgery.  Bad news is that he’s blaming the healthcare system for his issue. He said the surgery was really expensive and he had no healthcare. He ended up appearing on Howard Stern and getting sympathy surgery from one of the listeners.  He was 200 pounds lighter after the surgery.


PS4 Release Date – Gamers listen up! The PS4 will be releasing on Nov. 15th! It will cost $399
Shoots Fired At Georgia Elementary School – The man had an AK47 assault rifle and other guns. He went into the school and ordered a school secretary to call an Atlanta TV station and she did that.  He said he wanted the TV to film while cops died. They say he fired out of the building at police officers and when the police returned shots he surrendered.  No one was injured.


Man Gets Fork Stuck In Penis – A stupid 70 year old Australian man stuck a fork into his penis hole while attempting to please himself. This fool was rushed to the hospital because the 4 inch fork got stuck.


Michael Vick Is The Head Dude In Charge – Congrats to Mrs. Kijafa Vick, her husband Michael Vick in now the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Chip Kelly said, “We had 38 opportunities for evaluation, I don’t think this is a rash decision.” So Nick Foles has to sit on the bench some more, but they say that because Michael Vick has been near perfect completing 13 out of 15 passes for 99 yards, where Nick only completed 11 of 14 passes for 96 yards.  You know what they say, men lie, woman lie, numbers don’t.


‘Go Topless Day’ Is August 25 – A mans heaven is topless women everywhere.  Well men everywhere might get their wish on August 25th.  This Sunday is Go Topless Day.  Hold on creeps! This is for a good cause. Women are encouraged to show their breasts during that 24 hour period as a protest against hypocritical laws that allow guys to walk around shirtless while women must remain clothed. This is the 6th year people have organized this.


Students Get Financial Aid At High Rate – According to data released by the National Center For Education Control,  college students are receiving scholarships and loans at an all time high since after World War II. The data says 71% of all undergraduate students got some kind of aid in the 2011-2012 academic year.  That is up 66% from 4 years ago.  The average amount of aid is 10,800 and that’s up almost 2,000 more from 4 years earlier.  They say the increase is coming from federal sources.  Ya’ll better get your FAFSA applications on and poppin!


Dog Fakes Death To Avoid Bath


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