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First Lady Michelle Obama To Release Rap Album – Michelle Obama is no stranger to hip hop and will be using the art form to educate and influence young people in the fight against obesity. She will be teaming up with the Partnership for a Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health to release a 19 song and 10 music video project as a part of her “Let’s Move” program. The album will be released on September 30th and will feature names like Run DMC, Ashanti, Doug E. Fresh, Dr. Oz and Jordin Sparks! Some other tracks on the album include “Veggie Luv”, “Hip Hop LEAN”, and “Get Up Sit Up” most of which will be hip-hop based, according to U.S. News and Wold Reports. She hopes that she can spread healthy messages for African American and Latino communities with this album.

Sneaker With Remains Of Foot Found On NJ Beach – New Jersey Police in Ocean City say that a fisherman found the remains of a human foot still inside of a high top sneaker. The gender and age of the victim are still unknown but officials say that the toe still had polish on it. The remains have been sent to the state anthropologist for further examinations and DNA testing.

Jackie Robinson Statue Vandalized – People are upset after swastikas and racist slurs were found on the iconic Jackie Robinson statue outside the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium. Written in marker on the statue was curse words like “Die N Word” “F Jackie Robinson.”  The statue is actually of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese who was his teammate and put his arm around Jackie went he was being called racists words when he stepped on the field.  A 10,000 reward is being offered to anyone who has info.

No Animal Cruelty Charges For Man Who Blew Up Dog – The 45 year old man accused of blowing up a yellow lab because he was mad at her is no longer facing the animal cruelty charges he was originally arrested for. The dog belonged to his daughter and because the animal died “instantaneously” and therefore did not suffer as a result of the offense, the charges have been dropped and he is being held on 500K bail. The man is being charged with reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device and if found guilty of these charges could be facing up to 22 years in jail.  How you blow up a dog in public – his body parts all over your lawn?? This guy is sick and needs help. Police say the man thought the dog was possessed. Since this story surfaced they have recharged the man with animal cruelty.

Man Found Rolling Naked In Grass After Attempted Abduction – 27 year old Daniel Johnson was found rolling around naked in the grass after he allegedly tried to abduct a three year old as she was walking hand in hand with both of her parents on Marshall Road in Upper Darby. Johnson was walking towards the family who reportedly moved to the side to let him pass. He then tried to grab the 3 year old but the family fought back and he ran off without the girl. He was later found by police rolling around in the grass on Cobbs Creek Parkway near Spruce Street where he was positively identified as the attempted abductor and then arrested. It is believed that he tossed his clothes off a bridge and into a creek. He was charged with attempted kidnapping, simple assault and other related offenses.  He must have been on that Molly.

New Internet Craze – I was on the internet and came across a video that entertained me. Twerking has been the most recent internet craze. Nicki is twerking. Miley Cyrus is twerking. But there seems to be an even newer craze threatening to take over. Don’t know if this is real or a joke, but “Twogging” is the act of twerking on or around your dog. Watch the video HERE

Shark Found On New York Subway Car – New Yorkers subway riders got a little surprise they encountered this unexpected passenger on their evening commute. A 1.5 foot shark was found on the floor of a subway car in Manhattan around midnight yesterday. The fish had blood on its mouth, appeared to have been recently hooked by a fishing line and was said to weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. Some passengers report believing the animal was a toy until they saw its teeth! The shark, after drawing a crowd, quickly caused the train car to be emptied and the animal was later disposed of. The shark’s origin is still unknown.

Taco Bell Expands Waffle Taco Breakfast Test – Taco Bell will no longer be the home of just the late nighy snack. Plans are in the works to explore the breakfast crowd by introducing the waffle taco. The new product- which has been introduced in southern California- includes scrambled eggs, sausage and syrup and has been a huge success. The company now wants to see how the breakfast taco would survive in a larger market. Taco Bell wants to measure how the restaurants will deal with the added operational pressure of a new menu item.

$448 Million Powerball Jackpot – There are three winners of last night’s $448 million Powerball jackpot, with two of the lucky tickets sold in New Jersey and one in Minnesota.The three winners will split the jackpot. Yesterday’s jackpot — with the winning numbers 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and Powerball 32 — was the third largest-ever.

Is Vine Finished? – Instagram provided an update yesterday that might mean lights out for the video sharing service Vine. You can now upload video from your phones library and trim to include the part of the video you want.  Before you had to shoot the video in the app.

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