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Aaron Hernandez Jail Letter #2– Aaron Hernandez has been in jail for about a month and a high in connection with murder charges in several states and it looks like responding to fan mail has been one of his hobbies to pass the time. His first letter leaked a couple of weeks ago where he professed his innocence to a supporting fan. This second leak letter is in response to another fan who started a support page for him on Facebook. He said, “Thanks for the support and it means alot! This will all come to an end and there is a reason God put me thru this. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks for the site and [sorry] I can’t check site there is no internet in jail lol P.S. Please keep this letter off social media and private. Means a lot for all the support.” It might be hard for fans to keep these letters private and under raps considering TMZ allegedly paid $18K for the first one.


Riley Cooper’s Granny Talks– Grandma Cooper isn’t baking cookies and trying to make her grandson feel better for his racist outburst. After Cooper was caught on tape threatening to beat up “ni***s” at a Kenny Chesney Concert his grandmother has spoken out about her grandson’s choice words. She said, “[Riley] brought it upon himself. And he has to deal with the consequences.” Grandma Cooper did say that she is hopeful for Riley’s future and is glad that he’s dealing with the problem now.


Professor Revealed To Have Killed His Family 46 Years Ago– Dr. James St. James, a beloved psychology professor at an Illinois college, has been labeled as a teenaged killer. A Texas reporter outed the educator revealing his past as a 15 year old murderer who shot and killed his parents and 17 year old sister back in 1967 because he believed that they hated him and were trying to destroy him. James, who’s name at the time was James Willcot, admitted to a friend that he was angry because his father wouldn’t let him grow his hair and march in an anti-Vietnam peace rally. He spent 6 years in a mental institution and was found ‘not guilty’ by reason of insanity. The school where he works isn’t scared off by James’ gun-wielding past. An official statement released by the university said: Millikin University has only recently been made aware of Dr. St. James’ past. Given the traumatic experiences of his childhood, Dr. St. James’ efforts to rebuild his life and obtain a successful professional career have been remarkable. The University expects Dr. St. James to teach at Millikin this fall. Others however believe that he should have informed the school of his past and now that it is out in the open should step down from his position.


Man Passes Out Drunk. Wakes Up With No Penis– Dominican man, Geraldo Ramos, was in a drunken stupor when he fell asleep but was sober and alert when he woke up to find that his penis was gone. The man says that he has no idea where his member could have gone. Neighbors say that a dog chewed the limb off while the man was asleep but Ramos has no memory of the pup and said pup has not been found.


President Celebrates His B Day– Obama took the quiet route to celebrate his 52nd birthday over the weekend. Mr. President left the White House extra early on Saturday morning to head to Camp David for some golf.  Several friends came out to help celebrate including a grad school friend from Harvard and some of his high school friends from Hawaii. The relaxation will be short lived considering Obama has several meetings planned for this week dealing with homeownership, an appearance on the Jay Leno show and a meet with troops at Camp Pendleton.


New Rules From Twitter– Twitter said over the weekend that it is introducing new rules to control abusive language, a step that’s coming after a slew of nasty, harassing, and threatening messages were directed at high-profile female Twitter users. In a message posted to its website, Twitter says it’s introducing a one-click button to more quickly and easily report abuse, and updating its rules to clarify that it will not tolerate abusive behavior. The company also said they would be more staffers weeding out offending messages.


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