#SayWhatNews Penn State Reaches Settlement In Sandusky Trial – Oscar Pistorius Indicted – The Butler Screening Draws Police

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Judge Suspends Harsh Voter ID Laws – A state judge issued an order that is expected to block enforcement of Pennsylvania’s strict voter-identification law in the Nov. 5 general election. You remember how last year at the last minute they tried to state the voter ID laws requiring people to show ID at the poll. People were against it because it would disenfranchise certain voters that did not have ID. The judge said local poll workers can ask voters to show IDs if they have them, but they may not tell voters at the polls that photo IDs could be required in future elections


Google Outrage Causes Some Issues – This is how powerful google is. Worldwide Internet traffic plunged by some 40 percent on Friday night when many of Google’s services, including its search engine, went down for one to five minutes. The outage, which affected Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive and it took place between 7:52 p.m. ET and 7:57 p.m. ET. Google has not commented on the cause of the outage.


Penn State Reaches Settlement With Sandusky Victim – Penn State has agreed to a multimillion-dollar settlement with a 25-year-old man who was sexually abused by former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky in a campus shower. It is the first of 26 claims to be settled in the Sandusky scandal, with the others expected early this week. The university has approved a budget of $60 million for the payouts. The man, known as Victim 5 and was assaulted by Sandusky in August 2001, six months after a graduate assistant reported to university officials that he saw Sandusky rape a boy in a campus shower and nothing was done. Apparently there is a hierarchy amongst the victims in the eyes of the court.  I guess is depends on timing, evidence and if the university could have “absolutely, positively.. stopped” it.


Oscar Pistorius Indicted – Oscar Pistorius, the Paralympic World Cup winner, aka tink tink, was indicted today on charges of murder and illegal possession of ammunition for the shooting death of his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Remember at first he said it was a mistake thinking she was an intruder in their home, but I guess the evidence that he did is so overwhelming that they had to indictment him. Prosecutors, who says he killed her after an argument, submitted a list of more than 100 witnesses for a trial for this trial. Here are some of the things we know.  He put his prosthetic legs on before he shot her because the bullet holes of the door were high and he claims he didn’t know she wasn’t in the bed laying next to her because it all happened so fast, but the gun that he had to grab was on her side of the bed. His court date in March 3rd and remember South Africa does not have trial by jury.The mandatory sentence for someone convicted of premeditated murder is life with a minimum of 25 years in prison, meaning if Pistorius is found guilty, he will be older than 50 when he leaves prison. There is no death penalty in South Africa.

Parking Meter Mechanic Steals 210, 000 In Quarters – In Buffalo, NY a parking meter mechanic was breaking meters instead of fixing them.  He broke them so quarters would collect on top, where he could grab them with his hands instead of dropping them into the collection canister.  He is being accused of doing this from 2003 through 2011 along with his boy. They came under scrutiny in 2011 after parking commissioner noticed that the city’s new computerized pay stations were bringing in a lot more money than the old quarter-fed parking meters. Since the arrests, the city’s annual parking meter revenue has increased by more than $500,000.

Meek Mill Adds Rick Ross To DC Summit – Meek has been talking about his Dreamchasers Sports and Entertainment Summit going down at the Temple Performing Arts Center. Already on the bill was Master P, Machine Gun Kelly, CEO Of Monster, Thaddeus Young from the Sixers, Maalik Wayns from the LA Clippers, Sean Garrett, and Lenny Santiago (A&R for Def Jam Records). Newly added was Cortez Bryant (Lil Wayne’s Manager), Geoff Gordon (President of Live Nation, Mid-Atlantic Region) and Rick Ross The Boss. Tickets are on Dreamchaserssummit.com


The Butler Screening Draws Police – The Regal Cinemas Majestic Stadium movie theater in Silver Spring, Maryland is in hot water. A woman named Tiffany complained on twitter about the fact that the police was present at the showing of The Butler, which is the movie abut the black butler who served American Presidents featuring Oprah, Forest Whitaker, Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. and many more.


She explained that the movie theater required movie goers tickets to be checked twice before they were allowed to enter the theater. When they entered they were met by police officers who were directing their moves. Tiffany wrote on twitter “The almost entirely black audience of ‘The Butler’ was subjected to watching the film while armed guards faced the audience. Why.” Regal released a statement saying, “Regal Entertainment Group routinely employs security personnel to ensure the safety all of our guests and staff. When a theatre experiences sold out showings of any feature, security will assist with crowd control and guest assistance throughout the facility, including auditoriums.” Shawty even tweeted Oprah, so we’ll see what happens with this.

Freshman Gets Tuition Paid After Sinking Half Court Shot – 

During a “Welcome Week” event for Ball State University students, the 18-year-old incoming freshman from Frankfort, Indianapolis, sank a half-court shot to win free tuition for his spring semester. A statement from Ball State says the university has been sponsoring the contest for several years, but the boy is the first to make the shot and win the prize. He will get a check for more than $11,000 to go towards his spring tuition costs.


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