#SayWhatNews – Spike Lee Goes In On Reporter – Republican Calls Obama Racist – Nelson Mandela’s Utilities Threatened – MLB Suspends Players – Feds Is Watching

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Spike Lee Spazes On Reporter-During a recent interview, a disrespectful reporter asked Spike Lee about getting involved in kickstarter, which is a program used to raise money to fund independent projects. He wanted to know why he would ask for money when he makes a lot of money. Watch the video below.

Republican Congressman Calls Obama Racist-During a town hall meeting in Florida, republican Ted Yoho told attending constituents that President Obama was racist. He believes that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare is racist because of the tanning tax. He sais the tanning tax placed on tanning salons is a “racist tax” that discriminates based on skin color. He believes it’s a racist tax because darker skinned people don’t go to tanning salons and therefore don’t have to deal with the 10% tax. Yoho is also in support of legislation that will investigate Obama’s birth certificate and determine whether he was really born in the US.


They Threatened To Cancel Mandela’s Water And Electricity-Mandela, who is fighting for his life, has to deal with utility companies threatening to shut off his water and electricity. The notice was mailed to Mandela’s home in Johannesburg that threatened legal action if the overdue balance is not paid within two weeks. According to reports about 6500 rand or $660 US is owed to the companies. It is believed that the utility companies were unaware of the owner of the home they were notifying and after it was brought to light the companies issued formal public apologies and personal apologies to the family. Apparently a full investigation has been started to determine who the erroneous notices were sent in the first place.


A-Rod And Antonio Bastardo Suspended-Yesterday the MLB announced that they would be suspending 13 players in connection with an investigation exposing baseball players that used PEDs (aka performance enhancement drugs aka steroids). Yankee’s third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been suspended through the 2014 season and Phillies player Antonio Bastardo will have to sit out the next 50 games. Bastardo made a statement saying, “I look forward to regaining the trust and respect of the Phillies’ organization, Phillies’ fans and my family, and look forward to helping the Phillies win a championship in 2014.” The teams affected by the investigation include the Phillies, the Padres, the Yankees, the Rangers, the Astros, the Mariners, the Tigers and the Mets.


FBI Can EavesDrop On Your Cell Phone & Laptop-In the wake of all the security leaks and scandals lately, news reports are saying that the FBI can hack into your laptops and cell phones in order to listen in on your calls.  Wall Street Journal reports say that if your phone is running Google’s Android software than the microphone can be turned on remotely and conversations can be heard. The same is reported possible for laptops in order for hackers to listen in. An unnamed FBI official has said that there are controls in place to make sure that only “relevant data” is scooped up. Many people may think this is an invasion of privacy, but just the other day US embassies shut down because a message was intercepted from Al-Quaida saying we were the targets of a terrorist attack.  The question remains – Do you want your privacy or do you want your safety?


PA Rules On “I Love Boobies” Ban-The 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down a school district in PA’s attempt to ban breast cancer awareness bracelets that read “I Love Boobies!” The court has said that the ban is an unconstitutional restriction of students’ freedom of speech. The court went on to say that the school has the authority to ban statements that are “lewd”, “obscene” or “offensive,” but that those messages that make a social or political statement- like breast cancer awareness- are protected by the First Amendment. This whole case was brought about because back in 2010, 12 and 13 year old students at Easton Area Middle School were suspended for wearing the bracelets.


$1 Million Powerball Ticket Sold In Langhorne, PA-A ticket worth $1 million has been sold at a 7-11 in Langhorne, Bucks County. The PA Lottery announced that the winning ticket was for Saturday’s drawing. The winner has one year to come forward and claim their money.  The drawing for tomorrow is 400 million and is the 4th biggest in US history.



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