Weekend Watchers (8/19): Top 10 Movies – Lindsey Lohan Talks Oprah – Basketball Wives Season 5 Trailer

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Lee Daniels’ The Butler, starring Forest Whitaker as a White House butler who served eight American presidents over three decades and Oprah Winfrey as his wife, opened in first place at the weekend box office. Co-starring are Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard and many more.
Last week’s top film, Elysium, fell to third place. The Jennifer Aniston’s movie called “We’re The Miller” came in at #2 with 17.78 Million.

Opening at Number Four was the sequel Kick-Ass 2, about everyday teenagers who dress up as superhero crime-fighters.  Debuting in seventh place was the biographical film Jobs, about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher.

The thriller Paranoia with Harrison Ford opened out of the top 10 and that’s about a guy who’s trying to get ahead in the world and is hired by a CEO  to spy on his biggest competition.

1.    Lee Daniels’ The Butler, $25 million
2.    We’re the Millers, $17.78 million
3.    Elysium, $13.6 million
4.    Kick-Ass 2, $13.56 million
5.    Planes, $13.14 million
6.    Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, $8.37 million
7.    Jobs, $6.7 million
8.    2 Guns, $5.57 million
9.    The Smurfs 2, $4.6 million
10.    The Wolverine, $4.42 million

Oprah’s Interview with Lindsey Lohan aired yesterday where Lindsey revealed that wants to rebuild her career and regain the industry’s trust. She acknowledged that she was an addict and revealed that she secretly wanted to go to jail because she was feeling so overwhelmed by her problems. The interview was actually conducted four days after Lohan’s release from her 6th trip to rehab. When Oprah asked her what her drug of choice was, she said it was alcohol. She added that she considered it a gateway drug, and said she tried cocaine 10 or 15 times while she was drinking and partying. Oprah Asked what drugs she was taking now, she said she only takes vitamins and Nexium for acid reflux. She said she is no longer taking Adderall for attention deficit disorder. Lindsey said she was making around $7 million per film. She didn’t invest that money, but spent it on accommodations. She was living in a hotel in addition to having an apartment and sent money on unneeded expensive things and flying friends to visit. She told Oprah she was surrounded by people who only wanted her money and there was no one to give her financial advice. She also said her parents did not take advantage of her.

Basketball Wives Season 5 premieres tonight on VH1 at 8p.  Apparently there is a problem between Tami and Shanie and there are rumors that Shanie got her kicked off the show.  Royce don’t seem to be on this season. Wife of Stephen Marbury os on the cast and her name is Tasha Marbury.  Apparently there is some drama around one of Stephen’s groupie’s.

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