News: Beyonce Was A Virgin Before Marriage?

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Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce’s ex-boyfriend is now speaking out about how much he regrets cheating on Mrs. Carter back in the day. Lyndall Locke says that the two met in 1993 at church and shared their first kiss in 1997 when they attended the prom together. During the interview with the British media outlet Locke claimed that the two were madly in love and that he respected her decision to remain a virgin until marriage (Really?). He said,

“The bigger star she became, the more I didn’t think I was good enough. One night, when she was out of town, I went to a bar with friends and ended up sleeping with another woman. Over the course of a few years I cheated on her about five times, but I never told her until after we broke up. Who cheats on a woman as beautiful as Beyonce? Well, I am that man and it’s something that’ll always haunt me. Once she began dating Jay Z I knew we were doomed and I could never win her back. But I know that no matter what, she will always love me.”

Dude is delusional with that last line, however, Beyonce told Oprah that she meet Jay Z when she was 19 and started dating him at 20 (shortly after her relationship with Lyndall if you do the math) and that she’s only had 2 boyfriends.  That would mean Beyonce was a virgin when she meet Jay.

Some people probably don’ think that’s a big deal, but i think given stereotypes that come with being an overly sexualized women this is a huge deal when breaking down assumptions. Overt woman sexuality has always been paralleled with being promiscuous, but here is the most beautiful woman in the world, according to People Mag, and one of the most sexiest and she was a virgin (if this is true) until she was married. That would help in the breaking down of those assumptions. Marilyn Monroe probably holds the crown for woman sexuality, power and she is the most popular sex symbol ever and she slept with everyone! Beyonce could prove that you can be a sex symbol and a sexy woman without being promiscuous.



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