News: Chris Brown Releasing “X” As Double Album

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Chris Brown has revealed some of the features on his upcoming album, X. In an interview, Breezy said,

“The album man, I have Kendrick Lamar. You know, one of the songs I actually got a chance to shoot part of the video. We still have to shoot the rest of it, but it’s a crazy song called “Autumn Leaves.” The way he approached it, he actually wrote from the mindset of a critic, if a critic was sitting there talking to me. And then he’s coaching me through it, but it’s amazing how lyrical he is. How he can put it together and paint a picture by just rapping is amazing . . .You know, Kelly Rowland. Me and Rihanna got a couple of songs. Pretty dope.”

He went on to give a breakdown of the album and said, “On the album, you’ll get ten songs, but hopefully it’s two in each one so it’s really 20 songs.”]

CB then revealed the meaning of the album title, “X, 5/5/89 is my birthday. Five and five is ten. Going up, counting up, eight, nine, ten. It’s weird, I know. It was just me wanting to come up with a stamp that made the album what it was, X. You know I really wanted to do it because I started when I was 14 as professional. So, it’s been 10 years.”

No release date for the album has been revealed as of yet.



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