News: Jay Electronica Wanted Control For His Album

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jay electronica

The highly talked about Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar track ‘Control’ initially featured only Big Sean and Jay Electronica who wanted the song for his own album. People forget Jay is even on the song because Kendrick goes so hard. During a recent interview he said, “It was me and Big Sean, and we had verses on there. Then when he told me it wasn’t on his album, I was gonna use it for my album.” He doesn’t seem upset about the change in plans because he went on to say, “Then he told me the day before it came out, that Kendrick put a verse on it and that we’re gonna put it out. It’s a good thing for Hip-Hop music because Hip-Hop has been laying dormant for a long time.” During the same interview Electronica avoided questions about when his debut album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) would be released.



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