News: Miley Cyrus Makes Sensible Comments In Rolling Stone Magazine

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Miley Cyrus is on the cover of Rolling Stone. She’s naked on the cover. Kind of what we expect from her at this point, but if you read the cover interview inside the pages you will find that Miley has some sensible thoughts. First she reveals she got the words rolling stone tat’d on the bottom of her feet and says people like Kanye West, Pharell and Lil Kim text and support her. However, I have to say I was surprised by some of the rest her comments.  She made some very important points. She point out that she is blamed for twerking on Robin, but Robin is not getting blamed for grinding on her and she think people should hold him responsible as well.  She also comments on people saying she’s white (not black) and shouldn’t be twerking and says in a couple years we are all going to look the same (true, America is browning) so she doesn’t see what the big issue is.  She reveals that she kind of mentors Justin Bieber and tells him he needs to tone it down and that he’s trying to hard.  And the last piece of knowledge dropped by Miley was that she’s confused by what people find offensive on TV.  She says America is hypocritical. They thought her performance is offensive, but its okay to teach people to how cook meth on shows like Breaking Bad. Valid points Miley! Lemme find out! Check out more of that interview HERE.

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