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McNabb To Be Honored At Eagles Game –  Chip Kelly and the Eagles are up against Andy Reid and the Chiefs tonight. Game is home and kickoff is at 8:25p. Donovan McNabb will be honored by The Eagles before kickoff and they are going to retire his #5 Jersey, as well as induct him into the Hall Of Fame. Ironically, Andy Reid drafted him No. 2 pick overall in 1999 after his time playing football for the CUSE (owwww) !!! Well that’s awkward! Is he gonna go over and hug Chip when he’s playing on the other team?

Mother Of Navy Yard Shooter Speaks – The mother of 34 year Aaron Alexis- the man responsible for killing 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard- has spoken out to apologize for her son’s actions. During an interview she said, “”I don’t know why he did what he did, and I’ll never be able to ask him why. I’m so, so very sorry this has happened. My heart is broken.” She went on to say that she is happy he is in a place where he can’t harm anyone else. According to reports of the three people still hospitalized from the attacks one has been released and the other two are in fair condition. President Obama is expected to attend a memorial for the victims on Sunday.


Public Masturbation Legal In Sweden – A 65 year old man enjoying more than just the waves at the beach back in June has sparked a huge debate in Sweden- whether it’s okay to masturbate on the beach. The man was caught with his pants down masturbating and was charged with sexual assault. The ruling in Sweden’s District Court this week acquitted him of the charges because his actions were not directed at anyone in particular therefore making masturbating on the beach legal. The reason the case was so controversial in the first place is because Sweden has very strict child protection laws. While it may technically be legal to masturbate in public people can still be sited for disorderly conduct.


IOS7 Updates Available – If you got on Twitter, Instagram of Facebook yesterday you probably saw your fair share of posts about the number of hours people had to wait while their iOS7 update installed on their phone. The system will come already installed on the new I-phones 5 coming out this weekend but other iPhone users can upgrade on their current devices. The updates include a more streamlined look, a time saving control center with more shortcuts, a new notification system, new photo apps, new Siri tools and more multitasking capabilities.


Grand Theft Auto Generated 800M In 24 Hours – GTAV has been the talk of the internet for the past couple of days and they’ve got the profits to prove it. The new installment to the Grand Theft Auto series generated more than $800 million in sales its first 24 hours on the market. Compare this to GTAIV which generated $310 million its first day on the market back in 2008. This is the highest day-one sales figure in the game publishing company’s history.


English Fashion Designer Calls Obama A Creep – Vivenne Westwood is a British designer who admittedly uses fashion as “an excuse to talk about politics”. During a recent interview after London Fashion Week she made some pretty controversial statements including “Americans are the ultimate terrorists” and that President Obama is a “creep”. These comments come as a response to the recent talks of the US getting involved in Syria. Westwood said, “Everyone can say where the original source of the problem comes from, and it’s American involvement in everything bad in the world for their own interests…They’ve [America] got the greatest war machine in the world; they do what they want. If they tell us there are all these terrorists, we believe them.”


What Do Americans Spend Their Money On? – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a huge portion of American money goes toward food, housing and clothes. Their breakdown says that 33% of money is spent on housing, 13$ is spent on food, 17% is spent on transportation, 11% on insurance, 7% on health care, 3% on clothes, 5% on entertainment and the other 11% on cash expenditures and miscellaneous expenses.  Read this article to help you see if your percentages match up HERE and the reports from the statistics on spending patterns is HERE.


Starbucks Says Guns No Longer Welcome – Through an open letter, the CEO of Starbucks has announced that guns will no longer be welcome either inside or in the outdoor seating of Starbucks establishments. He said, The presence of a weapon in our stores is unsettling and upsetting for many of our customers.” He acknowledges that they can’t put a full out ban on the weapons because that would require confronting armed customers. He issued the letter in response to this weeks Navy Yard Shooting and hopes that people will honor the request. Full letter HERE .


Police Made More Drug Arrests Than Anything Else In 2012 – Drug offenses were the single most common cause of arrest in 2012. 1.55 of the 12.2 million arrests made last year were for “drug abuse violations”. 42% of the drug possession charges had to do with marijuana. The most concerning part of these numbers is that convicted drug offenders lose many benefits upon their release including the eligibility to apply for a student loan. This restriction just continues the cycle of drug abuse and leads to repeat offenders.


400 Million Dollar Powerball Ticket Sold – There was a single winning ticket for last night’s $400 million Powerball jackpot, sold in Lexington, South Carolina. There were also two Match 5 winners in Florida and Pennsylvania, who will each win $2 million, and six additional $1 million winners. Yesterday’s jackpot was the fifth largest in U.S. history.


Former Heavyweight Champion Dead – Former heavyweight champion Ken Norton, who was the second man to beat Muhammad Ali after Joe Frazier, breaking Ali’s jaw in their 1973 fight, died on Wednesday after suffering a series of strokes in recent years. He was 70.

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