#SayWhatNews- Navy Yard Shooter Was Hearing Voices – NJ Boardwalk Fire Cause Revealed – Philly Man High Off Molly Bugs Out – Majors That Pay More

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Navy Yard Shooter Was Hearing Voices – In the weeks before the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC shooter Aaron Alexis was reporting some strange activity. Police in Newport, Rhode Island report that in the beginning of August, Alexis called him to report that people were following him and trying to hurt him. He also said that he could hear voices and that he was being sent vibrations through the ceiling and floor that were keeping him from sleeping. He was going to therapy for this and insomnia with the Veterans Administration. He told officers that he heard the voices from three different people at 2 hotels and at the Naval base in Rhode Island and that they used a microwave to send him vibrations. He also was arrested for shooting a mans tire. He was discharged from the Navy for “disorderly conduct.” Why was this given given a Navy contractor pass for the Naval Yard if he was suffering from all this?


Sandy Damaged Wires Sparked Boardwalk Fire – According to reports, the fire that burnt down Seaside Park and Seaside Heights last week was likely caused by wires that were damaged during Hurricane Sandy. The wires were dated back to 1970 and started the fire that originated under a candy and ice cream shop on the boardwalk. Gov. Christie has pledged $15 million from Sandy recovery funds to help rebuild the burned businesses.


Navy Yard Shooter Visited Gun Range Before Shooting – The man responsible for taking 12 lives at the Washington Naval Yard earlier this week visited a gun range less than 2 days before his murderous rampage. Alexis visited Sharpshooters Small Arms Range in Northern, VA where he rented an AR-15 semi-automatic to use for target practice. After shooting he bought a Remington870 shotgun and 2 boxes of ammunition. A lawyer for the gun range said, “In accordance with Federal law, Mr. Alexis’ name and other applicable information, including his state of residency, was provided to the Federal NICS (National Instant Criminal Background System) and he was approved by that system. After the terrible and tragic events at the Navy Yard, Sharpshooters was visited by federal law enforcement authorities, who reviewed the Range’s records, including video and other materials.” It is believed that the Remington he bought was one of the weapons used in the massacre on Monday Yet another reason we need gun reform!


Stand Your Ground Hearing Postponed Due To Navy Yard Shooting – The Senate was supposed to hold a hearing on the Stand Your Ground laws yesterday but the hearing was postponed due to the Navy Yard shooting that took place on Monday. The hearing was going to feature speeches by Trayvon Martin’s mother, John “More Guns Less Crime” Lott and several congressmen. The Senate was shut down via a security lock-down on Monday night so therefore the hearing has been postponed and will be rescheduled. It’s ironic that a shooting happens around the time they were scheduled to have the Stand Your Ground Hearing. Obama has called AGAIN the gun laws to re-evaluated. He said. “I do get concerned that this becomes a ritual that we go through every three, four months, where we have these horrific mass shootings,” Mr Obama said in an interview with the Telemundo Spanish-language television network.


5 College Majors Linked To Better Paychecks – Back in the day it used to be ‘do what you love’ but now we have to keep it real and do what pays the bills! According to a new report there are 5 college majors that are linked to fatter paychecks. Bright.com- a job board- listed accounting, pharmacy, finance, business administration and public relations as the majors with the highest average salaries. On the other end of the spectrum least paying majors are social work, criminal justice, psychology, elementary education and medical assistants are the majors with the lowest average salaries.


Man High Off Molly In Philly Shown In Video – A man in Philadelphia (4th and Lehigh to be exact) was recorded dealing with the side effects of what the camera man defined as “Molly”. The man can be seen twisting and contorting his body in strange positions and sliding around on the ground as if trying to get away from something. It’s believed that he had a bad batch of Molly but “concerned” bystanders took more time recording him for 8 minutes instead of calling for help.  I told you guys there is a batch of bad Molly’s in the Northeast. Don’t end up like this guy.


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