#SayWhatNews – Obamacare Plans Unveiled – Twerking Record Set – Wade And Durant Fight

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Obamacare Insurance Buying Starts Oct 1st – Premiums Released – In less than a week Obamacare plans will go on the market with the intent of helping low and middle income families afford health insurance coverage. The launch of the program will be the first time that many uninsured Americans will have access to comprehensive and affordable coverage that won’t discriminate against those with pre-existing medical conditions. Many Americans will benefit from government subsidies that will allow them to get coverage at little or no cost. Coverage purchased during the insurance exchange will go into effect on January 1st. According to data released yesterday the premiums under the Obamacare plan will be even cheaper than originally expected. Before subsidies the average premium for the benchmark plan will be $328 which is 16% less than was predicted. Subsidies will really make a difference based on income- the lower your income the higher the subsidy.  Everyones monthly number is going to be different. Check out the different in the states HERE


Twerking Record Set In NYC – New Orleans musician and self proclaimed Queen of Bounce was helped by hundreds in New York to set the twerking record. As a Guinness Book of World Records rep looked on- Freedia along with 358 dancers ranging in age from 8 to 80 united in twerking harmony for 2 minutes straight. 250 people were needed to break the world record. In response to the recognition Freedia said, “It would open a lot of doors and set history for bounce music and let the world know that we’ve been twerking for a long time. This is not new at all. Now it’s time to set the record.” The world record rep red the following rules about twerking before the dancing began:


1. Body must remain upright, with movement concentrated in hips
2. Participants can put hands on knees or hips for support
3. Twerking action cannot comes from knees – hips only
4. Freestyling or additional choreography not permitted – no hands on the ground, feet in the air, twirling, etc.
5. Twerking action must be synchronized, can be at own pace
6. All participants must twerk simultaneously for two minutes when Big Freedia gives the signal
7. Any performers who do not participate fully for the entire two minutes will be deducted from the final total


Man Went On “Grand Theft Auto”- Inspired Crime Spree GTAV has been a huge deal lately- making more than $3 billion in its first week but it seems to be sparking much more than hours of continuous play. A college student from Baton Rouge, LA took the game too seriously, stealing a car and going on a crime spree. During his recklessness he hit 9 cars, sent two people to the hospital, and attempted to kidnap another women while trying to highjack her car. He is facing 3 counts of kidnapping and 9 counts of hit and run. Authorities say he was unable to distinguish between game and reality. He is currently out on bail.

Dwayne Wade And Kevin Durant Fight On Twitter – Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade had a little Twitter beef. During a recent interview Durant said that Sports Illustrated’s list of the top 10 NBA players to watch was a little off. He said that Wade (who came in at number 8) should have been replaced by James Harden (who cam in at number 11). Wade didn’t take too kindly to that because he instagrammed a photo of a handwritten note that said “9-24-13. Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the top 10. Note to self- make him respect your place in history…again.” Durant fired back and said, “show me don’t tweet me.” Some think the beef is real while others think it may just be a gimmick to get hype around Gatorade which the two are sponsored by and they actually appear in commercial together.


FBI Press Conference Gives More Details on Aaron Alexis Shooting – Video Released

Yesterday photos and videos of last week’s Navy Yard shooting were released. During the press conference it was revealed that shooter Aaron Alexis had arrived in DC on August 25th and was living in and out of hotels before he started working at the Navy Yard on September 9th. The photos show Alexis walking through the hallway and stairwell of the building where the shootings occurred. Pictures of his shotgun were released had the words “end of the torment” and “better off this way” etched on them. The things recovered from the room where Alexis was staying revealed that he was prepared to die during the shootings but there was no indication that he was targeting anyone in particular. Alexis apparently believed that he was under the control of low frequency waves. The FBI is still investigating the case. The video of him roaming the hallways looking for someone to shoot is crazy. Watch below.


Take A 12 Hour Tour Of Philly For Free – Can’t get enough of Philly? If not, the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides will be offering a free 12 hour tour of the city this Saturday. The tour will be lead by some of the leading guides and will take place in 4 parts through 50 of Philly’s most famous landmarks. The walking tour will begin in Old City go through Society Hill, City Hall, Market East, Midtown and end at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The tour is free but registration is required. It will take place from 8AM to 8PM.

NFL Player Loses His Finger – Arizona Cardinals player Rashad Johnson was surprised when he took off his glove after an injury during the game on Sunday. Johnson is believed to have been trying to tackle a New Orleans Saints player when he fell down and hurt his finger.When he went to the sideline and took off his glove, the top of his left middle finger was gone and he found it still inside the glove.  Johnson underwent surgery- understandably because his bone was exposed- and lost his finger up until the first knuckle.He even released pictures. See them HERE (Warning! these pictures are graphic)

Samsung Creates Gold-Colored Galaxy S4 -Samsung Arabia has revealed Gold Brown and Gold Pink editions of the Galaxy S4. Samsung Arabia posted photos of the two new phone colors via Facebook and Twitter yesterday. This comes after the recent Apple announcement that the new iPhone 5S will be available in a gold color. So far the gold Samsung Androids are only in the Middle East, but demand could push the gold colors to other markets as well. See the Gold-Colored Galaxy S4. HERE

Man Has Nose Growing From Forehead – A man in China who was injured during a car accident last year is having a replacement nose grown for him using skin and cartilage from his own ribs. Crazy part is, the nose is being grown on his forehead.Once the bone and tissue has properly expanded and the nose is ready- they will rotate it and move it to its appropriate place on the man’s face.The lead surgeon says that the transplant will take place soon and that the patient will be able to lead a normal life. Watch this video

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