#SayWhatNews – Shooting At Naval Yard – Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Jadens Tweets – Block Miley From Internet – Forbes Richest 400

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Shooting At US Naval Yard – A former Navy Reservist opened fire at the US Naval Yard in Southeast Washington DC yesterday where 13 people ended up dead (including himself) and 8 others were injured. The shooting started yesterday morning after 8am. People reported hearing gun shots in the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters building before chaos ensued. They shut down the whole yard which employs 3,000 people and the shut down schools near by. Police officers swarmed the building and exchanged fire with the gunman who was later identified as 34 year old Aaron Alexis of Texas (He’s black). Alexis was able to get access to the base because of his contractor identification and shot an officer and another victim when entering. Alexis had worked as a contractor for information technology through HP. He was shot and killed by authorities who are still looking for a motive in the case that is treated as criminal and not terroristic. There were suspicions that there were 2 other suspects so much of the district was on lockdown yesterday while the situation was contained but at the end of yesterday authorities said that Alexis acted alone. 7 of the 12 other victims have been identified and non were military personal and they were all over 46 years old.


Bill Cosby Talks Black Leaders With Don Lemon – In an interview with Don Lemon Bill, Cosby expressed his thoughts on the black community. He was asked directly about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and the future of black leaders. He said that universities will be the producer of such leaders considering the vital role that education plays in power and not just prestigious universities either, he encouraged people to pursue education in general be it a high school, community college or university level degree. He also wants to see more people stepping up to the plate and wanting to take more responsibility for their families and communities, especially dads. He went on to talk about rehabilitation systems that drug patients instead of giving them tools for turning their lives around and making sure that they don’t return to the system. Cosby said that he offers this advice because, “I was living in the projects. I was not taking care of myself in terms of managing my education, and once the door opened and I saw quote, unquote, the light, I started to become very successful.”


Massive Seaside Park Fire Ruled Accidental – Law enforcement officials have ruled last weeks fire in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights ‘accidental’. Gov. Christie said, “We’re moving as swiftly and aggressively as we can to help these communities and their boardwalk businesses rebuild from this unfortunate stumbling block to our overall Sandy recovery.” Sandy recovery funds will be used in the rebuilding and debris removal efforts. There is still no word on what exactly caused the fire.


Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Jaden Telling Kids To Drop Out Of School – Jaden Smith tweeted, “If everyone in the world dropped out of school we would have a muce more intelligent society” and “school is the tool to brainwash the youth” and unsurprisingly received a lot of backlash. Mommy Pinkett ran in to defend baby boy by posting to her Facebook account saying, “We continually forget that life is about discovering ourselves and our purpose. We spend so much time criticising one another for the decisions or inevitable pitfalls along the way that we forget that making mistakes, falling, failing and getting up again is exactly what life is about. Instead we try to use criticism as a way to pretend that we don’t fall, we don’t make mistakes or struggle, we pretend we have it ALL together, when we don’t. None of us have it all together. At some point I hope we all get to what’s real and surrender to the fact that we are all in the same boat, discovering and trying to figure out this thing called life so we might as well support each other along the way. Just remember, you’re good, no matter what anyone else says. You are right where you need to be today. Keep living. The answers will come and be patient with yourself and others while we all…discover.”


Chrome Can Block Miley Cyrus – If you are one of the many who is over everyone’s infatuation with Miley Cyrus GoogleChrome has an app for you. The “No Miley” Chrome extension will scan all pages that load into your browser and will censor anything to do with Miley. Her name will be replaced with a series of #s. Unfortunately there’s no image blocking yet but hopefully there’s some Chrome engineer out there getting that into the works.


Bill Gates Is World’s Richest Person AgainForbes released its annual list of the 400 richest people in America. Bill Gates came in #1, Warren Buffett in second place again. The 400 wealthiest Americans are worth a record $2.02 trillion, up $300 billion from last year and more than double what it was a decade ago. The top 10 are:

1. Bill Gates, $72 billion
2. Warren Buffett, $58.5 billion
3. Larry Ellison, $41 billion
4. Charles Koch, $36 billion
4. David Koch, $36 billion
6. Christy Walton and family, $35.4 billion
7. Jim Walton, $33.8 billion
8. Alice Walton, $33.5 billion
9. S. Robson Walton, $33.3 billion
10. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, $31 billion


Lawyer Fined For Wearing Sneakers – Romanian’s clearly don’t play. A Romanian judge fined a Romanian defense attorney the equivalent of $1200 for showing up to court late in jeans and a pair of blue sneakers. The lawyer responded to the punishment by saying, “I am scented, shaved and fresh.I am going to contest this fine” and that he was coming late from another court hearing. The trial he was fined for was for 5 men who were accused of art theft.


Scott Disick Uses $100 Bills As Toilet Paper – According to TMZ Charmin does not suffice for Scott Disick. The media outlet reports that Disick uses $100 to ‘clean himself up’. He posted a series of pictures over the weekend of his toilet paper roll of $100 bills and him sitting on the toilet with a wad of cash. He posted other pics of diamonds, watches and stacks of money with condescending comments like “Hello, peasant’s is that u?” Classy.


University Of Alabama To End Segregated Sorority System – After more than 100 years of segregation and a week of terrible publicity, the University of Alabama has decided to put an end to its segregated sorority system. This comes as a result of a story in the school paper last week that made national headlines. A black student who was highly qualified and received excellent marks during her bid process was denied membership into the sorority by alumnae members simply because she was black. Some of the alumnae members threatened to stop supporting the chapter financially if black students were admitted. The former director of greek affairs said that the alumnae influence and the barring of black members has gone on for far too long.


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