#SayWhatNews – Zimmermans Second Mistress – NJ Boardwalk Burns – Obama Gets Threatened – Chealsea And Kris Jenner Beef

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RIP to the late great 2 Pac. Today In 1996, Tupac Shakur was shot in Vegas at 25. Wish my boo Nas and early birthday! His birthday to tomorrow!


Zimmermans SECOND Mistress – Yesterday, word was that George and Shellie Zimmerman were getting a divorce because George was still having a relationship with his ex-fiancé.  Well new reports have come out saying that after the Trayvon Martin trial Zimmerman cheated on his wife by dating a woman named Samantha Scheibe. The woman was reportedly with him when he and Shellie got into their domestic dispute earlier in the week. A video has emerged that shows the blonde woman with him on the scene. The police report says that Scheibe was patted down by police officers and “She had no idea what was going on…Scheibe stated that (Zimmerman) never touched anyone. Scheibe stated there were guns in the vehicle but they had concealed weapons permits for the gun.” Now a source close to the couple is saying that George left Shellie soon after he was acquitted of the murder charges.


Teens Microwave Cat And Put It On Vine – It seems like people are doing anything for ‘likes’ and re-posts these days but some teenagers in Maine have gone two far. A teenage girl posted a video on Vine where she and another girl but an 8 week old kitten into a microwave and then turned it on. Reports started flooding into authorities when the video went viral on twitter. It’s not known how long the kitten was in the oven for but the two 15 year olds are facing animal cruelty charges. The kitten is now in the care a local animal shelter.


Boardwalk Burning In Seaside, NJ – A fire that started at a frozen custard shop on the boardwalk yesterday quickly spread to several other business and has now reached Seaside Heights. The fire burned down what was left of Funtown Peir whch they just rebuilt after it was destroyed last year in Hurricane Sandy. The fire destroyed almost 2 dozen businesses too and burned for 5 and a half hours. No serious injuries were reported, but of the roughly 400 firefighters who responded to the blaze, 12 suffered smoke inhalation.

Watch the video here –> http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Fire-Along-Boardwalk-in-Seaside-Park–223511611.html


Monkeys Infected With Herpes In Florida – Hundreds of wild rhesus monkeys are infected with herpes and on the loose in Florida. According to reports the monkeys were brought to the state by a tour guide back in the 1930s. The original animals quickly grew to the 1000s and more than 700 have been caught in the past decade. A large majority of the animals that have been detained have tested positive for the herpes-B virus. Wildlife officials have declared the species a public health hazard but there are those who defend the monkeys saying “people love them” and “Just like any other wild animal you need to give them space.” They have been spotted in Ocala and Jacksonville but they can swim to other areas.

PA Man Charged With Obama Death Threat – A 42 year old Harrisburg, PA man by the name of Nicholas Savino has been charged with threatening to kill President Obama. Back on August 16th Savino sent a threatening letter to the White House that said Obama is the anti-Christ and that he needs to “stand down or be shot dead” if he continued to break the constitution. The Secret Service obtained a warrant and collected ammunition and weapons from Savino’s house. If convicted he faces up to 5 years in prison.

Chelsea Handler Tells Kris Jenner To Shut Her Pie Hole – Kris Jenner was not too pleased with Obama’s comments surrounding Kim Kardashian. He basically said that the world doesn’t revolve around her. Jenner said that it was “completely unpresidential for the leader of the free world to publicly trash Kim.” Chelsea Handler did not keep her opinion on the matter a secret. She said that Honey Boo Boo has more class than Kim and said that no one in town (LA) likes them. After saying all this she went right up to Jenner and told her to “Shut her f***** pie hole” according to a source. Jenner then said that Handler only likes Obama because he is black at which Handler laughed and told Jenner to take a look at her daughter’s husbands/ fiancés/ boyfriends. 

Juror B29 Speaks George And Shellie Fight – During an interview with Al Sharpton, Juror B29, the same one who admitted that George got away with murder, said that Shellie Zimmerman was probably scared during their domestic dispute earlier this week because “she knows what he’s capable of.” She went on to say, “I believe that uh–his wife, she knows exactly what is–what George Zimmerman’s capable of doing. And maybe she must have been more fearful because she knows the truth is someone got killed a couple of years ago, over, you know, probably his anger, or over the situation that went about it.” In response to Zimmerman’s other recent run-ins with the law B29 said, “In my heart, I believe that, he’s–to me, it’s like a mockery. He’s not feeling bad, I mean I can’t say how he feels, but he’s just not showing any remorse of anything that went on with the situation with Trayvon Martin.”


Septa Reveals Doomsday Plan – Funding is a huge issue for PA this year. SEPTA has revealed a new plan that will “eliminate nine of its 13 rail lines and shorten two others, close a subway line, and convert trolley routes to bus lines” if they don’t come up with more money this year. SEPTA’s general manager said that the new program would start next year and would cause SEPTA to lose about 12% of its riders- 40 million people. Hopefully the bill approved in June for $510 million comes through because it would help to keep SEPTA the way it is. The manager has also asked for an addition $6.5 billion over 10 years to fix some of the dire infrastructure issues the system has.


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