LMAO: Dee Pimpin Freestyles About Her Lambskin

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dee pimpin

So if you haven’t heard about Keyonnah, Dee Pimpin, Bow Wow and the infamous lambskin I’m not sure where you’ve been the past two days. But MTV gave us a lifetime of comedic relief with this story and the hilarity doesn’t stop with the episode. Among the bonus clips for the show is a video of Dee Pimpin explaining what she’s up to now and spitting a couple of bars about the lambskin “man-part” that has reportedly turned countless girls out in Dee’s favor. Check out the freestyle below and the full episode & Bow Wow’s reaction here.

In this video Dee Pimpin describes how she hasn’t given up on turning Key Key out and the $10K she sent that convinced her she was Bow Wizzle. Lol



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