LMAO: Last Night’s Ep Of ‘Catfish’ and Bow Wow’s Reaction (Full Videos)

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So…I would like to thank MTV, Nev, Angela from the Catfish documentary for being a fraudulent mom-creep and starting this trend, the production staff, the camera crew, Twitter and last but not least Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin for last night’s episode of Catfish. I was in tears for 40 minutes straight following the story of Keyonnah on a mission to learn the truth about the mystery ‘man’ posing as Bow Wow who sent her 10K. If you saw the episode you’re probably still wiping the tears of laughter from your eyes and if you didn’t see it prepare to have nightmares about Dee Pimpin and lambskin. Check out the full episode below and Bow Wow’s reaction to the foolery after. (Side note: Bow Wow is fooled if he thinks someone wants to actually ‘be’ him: the bankrupt “King of 106 & Park”…just putting that out there).



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