LOL: Jennifer Hudson As ‘Lydia Cole’- Scandalous For Obamacare

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lydia cole

As a part of a new effort amongst Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Oprah, Jennifer Hudson and White House officials to incorporate politics into pop culture, J. Hud put her acting hat back on as Lydia Cole the ‘covert scandal manager’. The video is a play on the hit ABC series scandal (which starts back up this Thursday, Gladiators!). Jennifer’s character takes inspiration from Olivia Pope who handles crises in politics throughout the DC area. Throughout the video clients come to Lydia with their problems which she helps them solve by explaining the benefits of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. While it does have a comedic tone the video does have a serious message and it hopes to “normalize” the seemingly complex ACA for the average American. Check out ‘Scandalous’ below!



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