Music Video: Leigh Bush- Free Falling

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Leigh Bush (or you may remember him as Sammie) is definitely on his grown and sexy now! He’s no longer the teeny-bopper ‘I Like It’ singer you grew up with and that’s not a bad thing. He has been putting out consistent, quality, ‘grown folks’ music including my personal project ‘Insomnia’. (If you haven’t checked that out you need to cop it…yesterday. Here I’ll help you out- Insomnia). He’s got a new EP available for download now called ‘The Leigh Bush Project’ which features several songs including ‘Free Falling’. Today he released a viral video for the track and said

Free Falling is a honest, transparent, vulnerable record about a man putting his heart on the line first in a relationship. Hoping that his feelings are reciprocated. So for the viral, I really just admire the simplicity of it all.I’ve had the pleasure of sky diving twice thus far in my life and it’s by far the most liberating thing one could possibly do. You’re afraid, yet excited, and at peace all at the same time. Very cohesive to falling in love. At first you’re timid, but excited but when both parties are on the same heart beat, there’s a sense of calm.

Check out the video below!



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