News: Nas Talks 7th Album, Illmatic Re-release & ‘Sinatra In The Sands’

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Nas has been keeping pretty quite about his upcoming album expected to drop sometime in 2014 but he spoke to The Huffington Post about what he’s been up to, his new branding partnership with Hennessy, and the follow up to last year’s ‘Life Is Good’. When asked about how the album was coming together he talked about how ‘Life Is Good’ was an attempt at making a hip hop album that matched the flow of other albums that were out at the time. For the new project he said,

“It’s the next chapter in myself as a writer. I’m really excited about every new leaf I turn. Every new endeavor. I’m excited about that and all the potential that comes with everything new that I do. And all my ideas can come to fruition. And that excites me, because there’s no limits to what I can do, in terms of trying to be an inspiration. I just want to do well for the listeners out there. Do well for the whole genre. So I’m excited.”

When speaking on plans for the 20th anniversary of Illmatic he said,

“We’re putting together a concert. And I think we’re going to do something with the album and repackage it with special stuff. I think that’s in the works.”

They also talked to him about his Jay Z and Justin Timberlake assisted track Sinatra In the Sands. When asked about the vibe of recording the track he said,

“Excitement to work and be in the place that we’re all are at, musically. Those are the guys who lasted the test of time, and those guys are at the top of their game. They’re just company to be in. So that’s the whole vibe of that. And of course the title says it all… Because Sinatra has been around and he has a long, long standing with the stage and the audience for years. And he evolved. His talent got better just like wine. And I think that’s something a lot of people want to achieve. So that’s what this song is really about. Striving to be the best you, like Sinatra had become.”

Nas also talked about why he didn’t release the album’s title earlier this year like expected and it was because he didn’t feel like the time was right. The rest of the interview goes into who he’s been working with i.e. Mariah Carey (for her album) and Jermaine Dupree, and his clothing line HSTRY. You can read the entire interview here.



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