News: Philly Rapper Robbed Of 40Gs

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louie v gutta
25 year old Philly rapper, Louie V Gutta, was allegedly in Atlanta at a Waffle House when he and two of his friends were robbed for $40K. Gutta is signed to Meek Mills’ Dreamchasers label. They were in the restaurant at about 6:30AMwhen several men came in with a semiautomatic handgun and demanded the $20,000 diamond-covered Rolex watch, a $6,000 gold chain with a diamond pendant, a custom-made Submariner Rolex watch worth $13,000 and 2 iPhones worth $500 each. Gutta said that he does not want the police involved, ” There’s no reason for the police to be involved,” said rapper Louie V Gutta, whose real name is Vincent Lamar Robinson. “If I heard on the streets tomorrow who did it, I wouldn’t go to the police. That kind of stuff happens every day,” he said. “It’s unfortunate this time it was on me, but I don’t want nobody locked up behind it. I don’t really live by that.”



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