News: Pitbull Starts His Own Charter School

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Pitbull has now been added to the long list of celebrities who have sponsored their own charter schools. The Sports Leadership and Management Academy is located in Miami and is for kids in grades six through 12. The program has a “vocational” twist based on sports and is designed for kids who are easily bored in school. Pitbull said, “If sports is what you love, one way or another, it’s a business you can get involved with … whether you’re a therapist, an attorney, a broadcaster. They’re already labeling me ‘Mr. Education.’… [A] lot of these kids are so creative … but no one believes in them. … No one motives them. I relate to them … but then I give it to them raw.” Critics of the school are not sure whether the celebrity appeal of the school sports basis will actually be beneficial to students. Students enrolled have different sentiments. One 17 year old spoke about his transferring to the school and his views of Pitbull, “He came from nothing and became something huge. … It shows like not a lot of people are handed everything.”



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