News: Revolt TV To Launch Tonight

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Today at 8PM Diddy’s latest brainchild ‘Revolt TV’ will go live in close to 22 million homes across the country thanks to his partnership with Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Revolt is being marketed as an “all music” channel but separates itself from competitors like MTV, VH1 and Fuse. These channels all started with the same premise of being a music centered channel but struggled over the years to build a solid viewership and thus have branched off into other forms of programming like reality and scripted TV. Revolt plans to combat this by targeting the millennial generation (18-35) year olds and hopes that the combination of social media, online streaming and “smart programming” will draw in and keep viewers for the long haul. Their tagline is “Powered by Music, Driven by Culture & Fueled by You!” Diddy has some pretty big names on his team including Revolt CEO Keith Clinkscales who was a part of the Vibe Magazine launch and spent a long time doing content development for ESPN. Also on the team is the former chief of programming from MTV Andy Schuon. Speaking about how Revolt will stand out Clinkscales said,

You have more and more bands and artists going across the whole eco system. Music is very healthy. To have a place that can be the center of that—we would like to earn that position by reaching our fans well. We have to have good access and engage with the artists and be able to go ahead and provide sponsors, advertisers, and record companies a place we can meet…This won’t be just a channel. The main thing were going to do is be a place where you can get news and information about music. We want to make sure when you come to Revolt, you’re getting a full picture of what is happing in the world of music.

Diddy has been doing a lot to get the buzz going about Revolt TV on social media including the #IAmRevolt hashtag, the Instagram that has featured a variety of content like user artwork and music, and his Youtube campaign looking for hosts. Diddy tweeted, “and imma say it again. No Rules. Anything can happen. @RevoltTV” and I believe him! Check out the trailer below and tune in tonight for the launch of Revolt TV!



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