#SayWhatNews – 4th Person Says They Were Profiled – Conrad Murray Released – NBA Is Back – Penn State Pays Out

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4th Person Says He Was Racially Profiled At Macys – A fourth New York shopper has come forward to say that he was racially profiled while shopping at Macy’s. 56 year Art Palmer, of Brooklyn, purchased $320 worth of Polo dress shirts and ties and after leaving the store he was stopped by undercover police officers and questioned. Palmer said he was a few blocks away when the cops allegedly surrounded him and demanded to see his ID. The officers told him that they were stopping him because they lost sight of him on security cameras in the store. Palmer was released after showing the receipt for his purchases and his ID. He went back to the store the next day to complain and the Macy’s management blamed the cops for the incident.


Conrad Murray Released – After serving two years in prison Dr. Conrad Murray has been released. He was arrested back in 2011 for his role in the death of Michael Jackson. He was sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter was released after serving just two due to the overcrowding in California prisons. Murray’s lawyer said, “He did lose some weight, but he was doing great when I spoke to him around 3 a.m. He was elated to be out. I heard something in his voice I’ve never heard before.” He was escorted out of a backdoor to avoid the crowds of reporters and MJ fans because of “safety issues”. According to his bodyguard he may be considering pursuing a career in music, despite earlier claims that he wants to continue practicing medicine, but his lawyer confirms that for right now he is going to be spending the majority of his time with his girlfriend and their four year old son. He looks like a hot mess. At least 30 years older. Look at him HERE.


Drug Laced Candy Found At West Chester University – Authorities found 40 pounds of drug laced candy in a campus apartment at West Chester University. Officials found the candy by following leads after they stopped a car of students who smelled like marijuana. They don’t believe that the students were going to distribute the candy but said “With Halloween just around the corner, the last thing we want to see is drug-laced candy hitting the streets.” Authorities believe that this is an isolated incident but still urge parents to check their kids’ candy after trick-or-treating. The confiscated candy is believed to have been laced with THC- the active ingredient in weed. The treats ranged in size from small hard candies to orange-sized. Any charges will be filed after lab tests come back later this week.


Basketball Is Back! – The 2013-2014 NBA Season tips off tonight with three games scheduled: Orlando vs Indiana, Chicago vs Miami, and the L.A. Lakers vs the L.A. Clippers.


Aaron Hernandez Investigated For Gun Trafficking; Other Dolphin Player Subpoenaed – Dolphin’s player Mike Pouncey has been subpoenaed by a Massachusetts court in relation to the Aaron Hernandez case. Pouncey used to play football with Hernandez in college and was handed the subpoena by officers in a hallway between the locker room and the Dolphins’ bus after their game against the Patriots this weekend. Hernandez has recently been accused of gun trafficking- illegally transporting guns across state lines. An assault rifle found in a vehicle rented in Florida and found in Massachusetts serves as evidence for this accusation. Pouncey has not been charged with any wrong doing yet and is being asked to serve as a witness in the case.


Septa Announces Wifi Coverage At Stations and a New I Phone App – This is in conjunction with Comcast.


White House Grants Obamacare Extension – Due to the technical difficulties with the official Obamacare website the White House has offered an extension for signups. Originally you had to be signed up by the middle of February for your benefits to go into effect by March or you would face a penalty. Now, you have until March 31st to sign up without being faced with tax penalties. The enrollment extension is only for 2014.


Penn State Paying 26 Sandusky Victims 60 Million – Penn State has agreed to pay $60 million to 26 of Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse victims in exchange for them ending their claims against the university. 23 of the claims have already been signed and 3 more are very close to being finished. Penn State’s president said that this is “another step forward in the healing process for those hurt by Mr. Sandusky, and another step forward for Penn State.” The president also said, “We cannot undo what has been done, but we can and must do everything possible to learn from this and ensure it never happens again at Penn State.” The university wants to ensure everyone that the money being used to pay the settlements is not from taxpayers or tuitions but comes from several liability insurance policies.


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