#SayWhatNews – Government Shuts Down – Obamacare Sign Up Begins – WNBA Players Get Fouled For Kiss – Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Stripped Of Her Title?

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 Government Shutdown Begins – A partial government shutdown began at midnight this morning for the first time in 17 years. Last time this happened it was during the Clinton Administration. This happened after the Republican-led House refused to pass federal funding legislation without including measures to kill or delay the three-year-old Affordable Care Act. Then the Democratic-led Senate and President Obama are refusing to approve any legislation that delays Obamacare care any longer. So they can’t agree. 800,000 federal workers will be put on a unpaid temporary leave because of the shutdown, but members of the military will get their pay, after Obama signed legislation making sure of it. Veterans’ centers, national parks and most of NASA will be closed, borrowers trying to get government-backed mortgages could face delays, and it may be difficult to get a passport. The Department Of Education, The Center For Disease Control, the Food Safety And Nutrition Administration are all shutdown. Even the Panda Cam at the National Zoo is shutdown.. boooooo Not shutting down are critical services like air traffic controllers and border patrol, and Social Security benefits and Medicare and Medicaid payments will continue as usual.

Sign Up For Obamacare Begins Today – Today marks the first day that uninsured Americans can start signing up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act. The act requires that all Americans buy health insurance and those that don’t will face penalties and be forced to purchase a plan. There are different levels of coverage including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Those that have insurance through their workplace are welcome to shop the Obamacare plans. The open enrollment period will go from today until March 31st and those that sign up by December 15th will start receiving the benefits of their coverage on January 1st. Sign up for it HERE.

WNBA Players Kiss And Get Fouled – Minnesota Lynx player Diana Taurasi and Phoenix Mercury player Seimone Augustus were penalized for handling their argument in an unconventional way. The two players were chest-to-chest exchanging words because of a shoulder push during the opening game of the WNBA Conference Finals when Taurasi kissed Augustus on the cheek. The ref did not like the interaction and called a personal foul on both players. The two have known each other for years- playing against each other as teenagers and as team mates for the US Olympic team. The two had good spirits about the seemingly silly call after the game. Taurasi said, “We were just trying to make sweet love” while Augustus said, “The tango dance that we had, I always say she just wanted some of my deliciousness.” This isn’t the first time that the two have had physical interactions on the court including a season ending hip-check back in 2009 but they say they are great friends and as close as sisters.


Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Stripped Of Her Title? – The winner of the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware contest has been stripped of her crown over concerns that she is not Hispanic. It’s being reported that 7-year-old Jakiya McKoy lost the title two weeks ago. Some say this happened because the girl is black and “not Latina enough.” Pageant organizers require contestants to be at least 25 percent Hispanic. Maria Perez, president of Nuestras Raices (Our Roots), who operates the Miss Chiquita Delaware pageant, says the verification that the child brought did “not specify she was 25 percent Hispanic or Hispanic at all.”  They say the girls grandmother was born in the Dominican Republic and lived illegally in the United States before she died. They didn’t have proof of where she came from. She was still allowed to participate in the contest, but was not allowed to win. Sounds like a paperwork issue to me and not a act of racism.

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