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Woman That Got Punched By Jets Fan Gets Charged – The woman who was punched in the face by the Jets fan/ killer has been charged for her involvement in the fight that took place after the game over the weekend. The woman and a couple of her friends have been charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. The video shows the whole fight unfold and an investigator in the case said, “The women were the aggressors…[they] were observed kicking and punching [Jets fan Kurt] Paschke in the body and head.” They will have to appear in court on November 13th. Four have been charged including Kurt Paschke the guy that punched the women is being charged as well.

Top Earning Dead Celebrity – Michael Jackson is at the top of Forbes list of the highest earning dead celebrities. MJ earned $160 million in the past year. He came in at number 2 last year but highly successful “Immortal World Tour” Cirque Du Soliel shows have shot him back to number one. Elvis came in a number 2, making $55 million.

Check out the rest of the list below:

3) Charles Schulz, $37 million

4) Liz Taylor, $25 million

5) Bob Marley, $18 million

Others included on the list includes Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee and Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, who died last year in a plane crash.

Check out this marching band doing a dope Michael Jackson performance complete with Moonwalk!

People Are Using Instagram to Sell Their Guns…and It’s Mostly Legal – Most people use instagram to showcase their selfies and duck faces but for some the photo/video sharing app is serving as a means to sell their guns. More and more private and professional dealers are selling, negotiating and show casing guns over IG. Everything from handguns to assault rifles to shotguns are being advertised and can be found simply by searching the gun name. IG doesn’t have an explicit policy against the sale of firearms and there’s no federal law that bans online sales so its technically legal. Critics are understandably concerned about the public safety aspect. An attorney with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence said, “We are definitely concerned about the public safety implications of unregulated online gun sales, primarily the ability of sellers to skirt background checks and trafficking in firearms—both legal and illegal guns—to prohibited persons… There is no federal law prohibiting sales of firearms over the internet, and the ready availability of firearms through social applications presents yet another avenue for unlicensed sellers to transfer guns anonymously and without background checks. This loophole underscores the need for a universal background check requirement, so we can keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and other persons prohibited from having them.” One IG gun seller said that he assumes the sellers/buyers are following the law and says that he adheres to them because he is a “responsible gun owner”.


Paula Deen Tweets About Cruise And Black Twitter Goes In – Paula Deen is trying to move on from the multi-million dollar backlash from her admitting to using racial slurs towards her employees. Deen is working on promoting the Paula Deen Cruise and tweeted “There’re only a few spots left on the Paula Deen Cruise, y’all, so hurry up and reserve your cabin today.” Black Twitter was not having it and they subsequently went IN! Some of the hilarious responses included: “Roots: The Prequel RT @PaulaDeel There’re only a few spots left on the Paula Deen Cruise, y’all, so hurry up and reserve your cabin today.” “Paula Deen tryna get boys on the Amistad. Ion care how many sugary/ buttery treats there are on board. I ain’t down”, and a retweet of Deen’s tweet along with a picture of a slave ship. Someone said “we fell for this in the 1790s.” There were comments like “I’ll be a one way yall,” Do we have to build the ship,” “with free silver bracelets.”  Doesn’t look like Paula is going to be able to shake this dark cloud any time soon.


Fart Blocking Underwear – If you are the victim of crazy foul flatulence then Shreddies are for you! An England based healthcare company has designed a new kind of boxer and brief that uses chemical warfare technology to filter out the smell of farts. The carbon cloth has the same composition as chemical warfare suits and can filter out 200 times the strength of the average fart. They were originally designed for people with digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. The company says “Flatulence seriously affects millions of people every day and since 2008 Shreddies has been helping those affected increase their quality of life. We have found the answer to help alleviate the most obvious symptom of flatulence…the odors.” Shreddies are being sold all over the UK and have a range of styles and cuts for men and women.


Company Recalls 23k Pounds Of Meat – Oregon based company Reser’s Fine Foods has had to recall lot of food that may be contaminated with Listeria. The food items include, coleslaw, potato salad and 23K pounds of meat products including chicken, ham and beef. Listeria includes listeriosis, which is a potentially fatal disease with symptoms like high fever and severe headaches. The food products were shipped across the US and Canada but luckily no illnesses have been reported. The products were shipped to retailers and distributors in 27 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Full list of brands and products below:



Royals Baptize Baby – In an uncharacteristically small ceremony, Prince George, the baby of Prince William and Duchess Catherine was christened yesterday. Some of the select few invitees were Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Duchess’ parents. During the ceremony 7 godparents were named including a couple of close friends of the parents and Zara Tindell, Prince William’s cousin. The Archbishop who performed the baptism said “As a nation we are celebrating the birth of someone who in due course will be the head of state. That’s extraordinary. It gives you this sense of forward looking, of the forwardness of history as well as the backwardness of history, and what a gift to have this new life and to look forward.”


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