#SayWhatNews – High School Bans Twerking – A.I. Announces Retirement – Funeral Selfies – Cory Booker To Be Sworn In

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Happy birthday to Willow Smith who is 13 today!


High School Bans Twerking – A high school in Orange County, California is not down for twerking. Administrators banned twerking from their campus and any campus activities/ dances. Also banned at the school are: straddling legs, front to back touching/ grinding, and any touching of the breasts, butt or genital areas. Students at the school are split on the decision. One who agrees said, “There’s plenty of music, there’s plenty of stuff to do. You don’t need to add that additional sexual kind of thing in there.” Another student against the new rules said, “It’s just a dance like anything else. Michael Jackson did his thing. Elvis did his thing. We should be able to do our thing.”


Allen Iverson Announces Retirement – 11 time all-star Allen Iverson has officially announced his retirement from basketball. During an official press conference in Philly yesterday he said, “I’m formally announcing my retirement from basketball. I thought once this day came it would be basically a tragic day. I promise you it is a happy day for me. I really thought this day would be a tough day for me, but it’s a happy day.” Although Iverson has not played formally since 2010, he was with the NBA for 15 seasons playing for teams like the 76ers (where he finished his career), Nuggets, Pistons and Grizzlies. He ended with “I gave everything I had to basketball and the passion is still there, the desire to play is just not. I just feel good that I’m happy with the decision I’m making. It was a great ride.” On another note did you see the Sixers game. My Syracuse cuse guyMichael Carter Williams did his thing!


Teenagers Take Selfies At Funeral – There’s no question that Instagram has people taking selfies in some ridiculous places but the newest trend has teenagers taking ‘selfies’ at funerals. A new tumblr page called ‘Selfies At Funerals’ is dedicated to people taking pictures at these depressing occasions. Just disrespectful! Some photos on the site even have open caskets in the background. The page is understandably getting a lot of backlash- causing people to question where is the line drawn at when it is appropriate to take pictures and when is it not. The creator of the page was asked how he was able to compile all of the pictures and he said “It’s simple — just search Twitter, etc. for ‘funeral selfie,’ and they all pop up. No magic here!””



Man Cuts Off Penis Forgets To Bring It To The Hospital – A man in China was so depressed about his love life that in a moment of distress he decided to cut off his penis. Shortly after dismembering himself the 26 year old had a change of heart and went to the hospital with the hope that they could save his Johnson. He actually rode to the hospital on his bike but he forgot to bring his penis with him! He had to go all the way back home, get his penis and go back to the hospital. Doctors, unfortunately, could not reattach the organ because it had been without blood for too long.

Cory Booker To Be Sworn In As NJ’s U.S. Senator in Washington today at noon


Pastor Bans Fried Chix And Sugary Drinks – As a part of an anti-obesity campaign a Mississippi minister has banned fried chicken and sugary drinks from all church events. The pastor is a big proponent of Obamacare and is trying to get his congregation to be healthier. He said that fried chicken has “mysterious powers” and that he wants people to have more energy, get their weight down and most importantly- keep it down. In addition to starting the ban on the chicken and drinks next month he has 70 people who are trained and ready to help people navigate the Obamacare website in order to get signed up for health care.


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