#SayWhatNews – Kerry Washingtons New Neutrogena Position – NJ Legalizes Gay Marriage – Juvenile Scandal Bust – Gyno Snaps Inappropriate Pics –

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Happy Birthday to Kim Kardashian who is 33 today and Amber Rose who is 30!

Kerry Washington Gets Another Paycheck – Kerry Washington has been named the Creative Consultant for Neutrogena. Through her partnership, the actress will share her experiences and insights with their marketing, research and development and retail sectors. Kerry said in a statement, “The more I learned about the company’s values, guiding principles, and commitment to quality, the more I realized that Neutrogena is so much more than your average beauty company. I knew I wanted to be a part of a company that is helping to make a difference in people’s lives. As a creative consultant, I will be able to have a real voice inside this amazing company, which is a tremendously exciting endeavor.


Suspended Gyno Had Pics Of Female Genitalia On His Phone – A Maryland gynecologist has been barred from practicing after an investigation discovered that he had numerous photos of female genitalia on his phone, he was selling prescription drugs and had an affair with one of his patients. The investigation started because someone on his staff reported that he kept large bottles of “controlled, dangerous substances” in his office. Officials learned that he was giving other patients’ drugs to the patient he was having an affair with and that in many of the pictures of the females privates on his phone medical equipment and gloved hands could be seen. He refused to comment on the allegations but said that he’s been practicing medicine for 30 years and has done nothing wrong. Creep!


Juvenile Detention Scandal Lands 2.5 Million Dollar Settlement In Pa – Three juvenile detention companies- PA Child Care, Western PA Child Care and Mid-Atlantic Youth Services Corp.- have settled a $2.5 million civil suit as a result of what they are calling a ‘kids for cash’ operation they were running. The companies allegedly worked with two PA judges and provided payment in exchange for juvenile kids to be sent away to the facilities for lengthy sentences. Often the sentences were for petty minor offenses. All juveniles who were sent to facilities between 2003 and 2008 are eligible to receive money for damages and those sent to one of the three facilities directly involved are eligible for even more money. One judge was convicted of racketeering and conspiracy and sentenced to 28 years while the other pled guilty to racketeering and was sentenced to 17 years.


Gays In NJ Can Get Married Starting Today – On Friday the NJ Supreme Court ruled that the state must start granting same-sex marriage licenses- against Gov. Christies original wishes. Christie said that he disagrees with the ruling but that “the Supreme Court has made its determination.” Jersey is the 14th state to legalize gay marriage. While the marriages legally began at 12:01 this morning there has been some confusion about the administering of licenses and how long they have to wait between obtaining their licenses and actually getting married. Many couples are frustrated with the technicalities considering how long they’ve been waiting for this day to come.


Violin Played On Titanic Sold For $1.6 Million – A violin believed to have been played on the Titanic before it sank was auctioned to an anonymous buyer for $1.6 million over the weekend in Britain, which is a world record for an artifact from the doomed ship. The violin, which is now unplayable because of damage from the ocean water, is thought to have belonged to bandmaster Wallace Hartley, who famously continued playing “Nearer, My God, To Thee” on the Titanic’s deck with his fellow musicians as the ship was sinking. The violin, which was a gift from Hartley’s fiancee and has his name on it, is believed to have been found at sea with his body more than a week after the Titanic sank.


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