#SayWhatNews – More Details On Adrian Peterson’s Son – Simpson Character Dying – No Hiding On Facebook – Tatted Jesus Outrage – New Flesh Eating Drug

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Happy Columbus Day! Happy birthday to Usher he is 35 today and shout out to everyone who saw me on Fox 29 Philly yesterday.  Make sure you check me again tonight during the 5p news.


Adrian Peterson’s Son Killed – On Friday, Adrian Peterson’s 2 year old son was killed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Adrian plays for the  Minnesota Vikings and he was killed by his mothers boyfriend- 27 year old Joseph Patterson. Patterson called the police to report that the child was choking on candy and when authorities got to the scene the toddler was unresponsive. He was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that he suffered head injuries as a result of abuse and later died from his injuries. Patterson was the only other person at the home and the boy’s mother is not being investigated. Turns out the moms boyfriend has a history being violent and beating children. He received a suspended sentence a year ago for domestic assault and was charged with aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault in another incident. The name of the child has not been released but Adrian Peterson spoke out via Twitter to say that the child who passed away is not the one who has been posted online in pictures- Adrian Peterson Jr. He says that the family is not releasing photos of the child at this time and asks the public to respect his family’s privacy at this time as they grieve. Turns out he had just found out the boy was son and saw him for the first time while the boy was in the hospital.


Student Dies Because No Nurse Was Present At School – A 12 year old giel named Laporshia Massey passed away as a result of an asthma attack at her elementary school because a school nurse was not there to attend to her needs. Due to the drastic budget cuts in the Philadelphia school system, Bryant Elementary School only has a nurse on staff 2 days a week. The girl was struggling to breathe at school so officials called her father- who assumed she was under the care of a school nurse. She was driven home by a staff member after school and her father realized how serious the situation was when his daughter tried to go upstairs to get her nebulizer. The girl’s father is understandably outraged and it’s being investigated why an ambulance was not called for the child. In addition to the school lacking nurses it also lacks the necessary administration to deal with crises such as these.


Simpson Character APU Dying – Executive producer of the Simpson’s, Al Jean, hinted that one of the characters of the beloved animated sitcom would be dying. Rumors were swirling that it would be Krusty the Clown’s dad who would go but according to an interview with the wife of the show’s former creative consultant, that might not be the case. She says that she’s heard the character who is going to die is Kwik E Mart owner Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Some question the validity of this because of how central Apu is to the show. Fans won’t know officially until the episode airs in season 26 which is scheduled for the fall of 2014.

15,000 Workers Won’t Get Back Pay When Government Shutdown Ends – So let me give you some backstory. On Saturday, the House of Representatives voted to give back pay for half a million federal workers who were furloughed during the shutdown. But for 15K workers who aren’t federal employees, like contractors and national park employees- they won’t be getting any back pay for their forced time off. It’s unfortunate especially for those businesses who aren’t federally funded and were still shut down like a restaurant closed down because it is in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.One of the restaurant owners said, “They’re going to run out of vacation time and we’re going to run out of money.We have our loans, our utilities, our insurance — never mind what happens when we have to pay the over $40,000 for our employee health plans next month.”


Facebook Users Cant Hide From Profile Searches Anymore – If you enabled the “Who Can’t Look Up Your Timeline By Name” feature on Facebook I gotta let you know that you will no longer receive those privacy benefits. Facebook has decided to do away with the ability to prevent certain people from searching your profile by name. A Facebook blog post explained the change by saying, “The setting was created when Facebook was a simple directory of profiles, and it was very limited. For example, it didn’t prevent people from navigating to your Timeline by clicking your name in a story in News Feed, or from a mutual friend’s Timeline. Today, people can also search Facebook using Graph Search (for example, “People who live in Seattle,”) making it even more necessary to control the privacy of the things you share rather than how people get to your Timeline.” Users who were using the feature will receive a notice on their timeline informing them that they are no longer able to prevent those kinds of searches.


5th Grader Convicted In Murder Plot – Most fifth graders are trying to figure out how to spend recess and sending “do you like me” notes but one 11 year old in Washington state has been convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. The boy along with a classmate came up with a plan to kill their female classmate that was fueled by “simple anger” according to the superior court judge residing over the case. School officials confiscated a handgun and a knife that the boys brought to school back in February. The boy was convicted and left the courtroom in handcuffs and tears- they said that they were going to stab the little girl to death because she was “really annoying”. The 11 year old will receive his sentence during a November 8thhearing. His co-conspirator has already pled guilty and was sentenced to 3-5 years in a juvenile detention center.


Flesh Eating Drug Spreads Across US – A flesh eating drug that made it’s debut in Russia has touched down in the United States. It surfaced in a Chicago suburb where 3 people have been treated in a local hospital after using a heroin like substance called krokodil. The drug is said to have effects similar to methamphetamine but is much cheaper because it’s made with inferior ingredients like crushed codeine, iodine and lighter fluid. The drug’s worst effect is that it eats the flesh right off of your bones. The drug is injected into the skin and causes it to rot through gangrene and abscesses- which slowly turn it green. In some cases the muscle and bone have been visible. The drug has also been reported in Arizona and Utah- authorities are trying to crack down on it before it becomes an epidemic. One victim will have to undergo years of surgery in order to walk again.


Tatted Jesus Sparks Outrage – Billboards of a heavily tattooed Jesus in Texas are causing a ton of controversy. The more than 50 billboards have images of the tattooed Jesus with words like “Outcast”, “Addicted” and Hated” as a part of a campaign by the Christian group Jesustattoo.org. A rep for the group said, “The message is a simple one, Jesus’ love is transformative. He loves us unconditionally and no matter what you’ve been marked with, faith in Him and love for others will transform us.” Critics of the image call it “derogatory” and “blasphemous”. The rep continued “Certainly, like with all deeply personal relationships, not everyone approves of the image of Jesus with tattoos, but we welcome the controversy because we understand that a dialogue on the issue is the best way to spread the message.”


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