#SayWhatNews – People Shot For Jordans – I Phone 6 In The Works – New 100 Dollar Bill – Ex NFL Star DJin

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People Shot For Some Jordans – In Delaware 3 people who were waiting in line to cop some Air Jordan V “Bel Airs” were shot. The victims were two men and one woman ranging in age from 21 to 22. The two men were approached by a black male in front of the store and shot in the upper body and the woman was grazed by one of the passing bullets. The woman was treated and released while the two men remain in a Wilmington hospital in critical condition. The shooting did not stop anyone from waiting on line because several dozen people were still lined up at 10AM. Witnesses claim that the victims were not inline for the sneakers and that the altercation had nothing to do with the new release.


I-Phone 6 In The Works– The 5c and 5s released last month. But according to reports, analysts are saying that an iPhone 6 is already in the works. Apple suppliers in Asia hinted that the new phone would have a bigger 4.8 inch screen. 5c sales have been slow and there are estimates that close to 85 million phones will be eligible for upgrade when the iPhone 6 is released. They’re estimating the debut at sometime around September in 2014.


Arrest Of Crack Kingpin Grandmother Increased Crime – In Buffalo, NY, A 58 year old grandmother was arrested by the feds because of the drug ring that she ran. You would think that getting a drug lord off the street would be a positive thing but neighbors say that crime and violence has increased because her presence actually made the city safer. The woman ran the crack operation out of 5 homes and employed her family members. One resident says that since grandma has been arrested her home has been broken into. She is facing 17 years for conspiracy and has already pled guilty to the charges. She didn’t go down alone- her husband, three daughters, 2 of her daughters boyfriends, her son and grand daughter were also arrested on the charges.


Shoplifters Leave Baby At Cherry Hill Wegmans – They say you can find everything at Wegman’s but 8 month old babies probably don’t come with barcodes. Cherry Hill police are reporting that two shoplifters were in such a rush to get out of a Wegmans when they were approached by employees that they left their baby behind. The 24 and 30 year old women were caught in the parking lot and were arrested for shoplifting, possession of heroin, possession of a hypodermic syringe and possession of stolen property. The mother of the little boy has also been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.


Urban Outfitters Adding 2,500 Jobs In Region – Urban Outfitters has announced that it will be expanding its headquarters located in Philly and opening a new distribution center in Lancaster county. These actions will bring about 2,500 desperately needed jobs to the region. The firm has said that it is investing about $210 million into the additions. The renovation projects aren’t expected to start for a few years so you gotta hold tight for a bit. UO chief executive said, “Once it is completed we will start adding jobs Initially there would be 600 to 1,000 new hires, growing gently to 2,000 overtime.”


Ex NFL Star Djin In Strip Club – Its hard out here for….an ex NFL player? TMZ has reported that Larry Johnson the former star running back of the Kansas City Chiefs has left the field and hit the dance floor. He has been seen DJing at a club in Miami several times this year. Word is that he’s not the regular DJ but still… really? Hey get your money boo!


New 100 Dollar Bill – Today a new $100 bill was revealed. The Federal Reserve was supposed to release the bill back in 2011 but decided not to because of security issues. The new bill has features that will make it harder to create counterfeit bills and easier to detect whether a bill is authentic or not. These features include: a blue security ribbon and color shifting ink that changes when the bill is tilted. The current bill has been in circulation since 1996 so Ben Frank was due an upgrade! Check it out HERE


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