#SayWhatNews – Quincy Sues MJ Estate – Obamacare Woman Disappears – Trayvon/Zimmerman Costume Angers People – Macys Profiling

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Quincy Jones Sues Michael Jackson’s Estate – Last week Harry Belafonte sued Martin Luther King Jr,’s Estate and now Quincy Jones is suing Michael Jackson’s Estate and Sony Music. Jones says that he is owed millions of dollars in back royalties and production fees for his work on some of MJ’s greatest hits including Billie Jean, Thriller and Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough. He’s suing for $10 million saying that the estate re-edited songs to deprive him of royalties for their use in the movie ‘This Is It’ and the Cirque Du Soleil production. His lawsuit is requesting the profits from both projects so that he can determine how much he is owed. Jackson’s estate responded to the lawsuit with the following comment “To the best of [our] knowledge, Mr Jones has been appropriately compensated over approximately 35 years for his work with Michael.” Sony Music has not yet responded to the suit.


1st Black Wins Nascar Race In 50 Years – Wendell Scott was the first black man to win a Nascar national race back in 1963 and on Saturday, 50 years later, Darrell Wallace Jr. was the second name added to that list. Wallace took home the Kroger 200 Camping World Truck Series Race and even led for the last 50 laps. The 20 year old responded to the victory by saying “I want to be a role model and inspiration to the younger kids and just change the sport as a whole and for the better, and winning helps everything. I think that’ll help kind of pave its own way there and hopefully get my name out there even more. That’s what I’ve been trying to do is to get my name out there to keep pushing (and) striving for kids younger than me to get in the sport.” Wallace is also a part of Nascar’s ‘Drive for Diversity’ program which aims to help female and multicultural drivers advance to national ranks from the grass-roots series. After the win Wallace also took to Twitter to celebrate saying “We came. We saw. We Conquered.” He paid tribute to his predecessor Wendell Scott saying “[He] was watching over me this race. It all goes to him.”


Obamacare Woman Disappears – The Obamacare website ‘Healthcare.gov’ launced on October 1st and has been plagued with a number of glitchs and problems that have inhibited its effectivness. The original website greeted visitors with a smiling but unidentified women but that woman’s face seems to have disappeared. Her picture is gone and has been replaced with icons depicting how one can go about signing up for health care coverage through Obamacare. Several media outlets have been spending time trying to identify the woman.  Some people took to Twitter to comment on the disappearance: “The #obamacare girl got the worst photo shoot gig since Joey did the STD poster on Friends.”, “Just be thankful your not the woman who’s stock photo was used on http://healthcare.gov .” CNN even requested the woman to call in if she saw the segment they did on her.


Trayvon Martin And Zimmerman Costume Angers People – 25 year old William Filene and 22 year old Greg Cimeno got some serious backlash for their tasteless Halloween costumes. Filene dressed in blackface with hoodie a fake blood stain on his shirt in an attempt to be Trayvon Martin while Cimeno wore a black t-shirt with the words ‘Neighborhood Watch’ in his attempt to be George Zimmerman. The neighbohood was missing the ‘D.’ One of the pictures show the guy dressed as Zimmerman making a gun with his hand and pointing it at the guy who suppose to be Trayvon. SMH The pictures were posted on social media on Friday by Caitlin Climeno who included the caption ‘Happy Halloween from Zimmerman & trayvon’. Greg commented on the picture saying “Anything for the laugh” but Caitlin’s followers and thousands of people who have seen the pictures since haven’t seen the humor in the costumes.  She has since made her instagram private, but the picture is still on the web. A shame that people make light of a serious situacion. Look at the pic HERE.


Black Actor Says Macy’s Profiled Him; Macy’s Responds – Barney’s has been in the news lately for racially profiling black customers and now Macy’s is in the same boat. A 29 year old actor on the HBO ‘Treme’ and the recent movie Don Jon, Robert Brown, has filed a lawsuit against Macy’s for allegedly having him paraded through the store in handcuffs by three undercover cops after he bought his mom a $1350 watch. During a press conference Brown said, “I believe that I was profiled. This is about justice, not money.” Macy’s insists that their personnel were not involved and issued this statement: “Our company will continue to investigate all aspects of our alleged involvement in this incident, and to cooperate fully with the courts and the New York City Police Department, with which we have a close and important working relationship. If Macy’s policies are found to have been violated, we will take swift and decisive action.” No charges were officially brought up against Brown and his lawsuit is seeking unspecified monetary damages. Brown is saying Macy’s called the cops on him, but Macy’s says records do not show a Macy’s employee calling the police. All they did was allow officers to use one of their rooms.


18 Year Old Madonna Naked Pics Up For Auctions – Madonna aka Madonna Louise Ciccone back in 1977 was 18 years old when she took nude photos for $10 an hour as a college student. Now those images are up for sale. The photos were taken by Bob Guccione and are a part of the Guccione Collection. Guccione died back in 2010 and the images are being put on the market by Wall Street businessman Jeremy Frommer who bought the collection earlier this year. You can place your bid for one of the pics at http://guccionecollection.com.


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